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Hollowborn x Legion Rewards

Alina | Saturday, March 23, 2024

Embrace the Dark Art(ists) This Weekend

Our Month of Evil continues this week as we shine a (black)light on wicked artwork of team and community artists! We’ve got Hollowborn sets, even more rares and rewards for Dage’s birthday, the Hollowborn Caladbolg, and… the LAST chance to get the rare Hollowborn Paragon set!

New game release

  • HollowDeep Expansion: Hollowborn x Legion quests
  • ShadowRealm Expansion: Hollowborn LoveCaster set
  • Dage's Birthday Gear: monster drops + merge shop rewards
  • Dage's Collection Chest: Hollowborn Paragon, Ravager of Souls, and more

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: Dark Spirit Orbs
  • Resource Boost: Double Reputation
  • Saturday: Dark House Guards from the Hollowborn Judge in /hbchallenge
  • Sunday: Hollowborn Raven's Beacon Lanterns from the Sentient Hollow in /hbchallenge

Hollowborn x Legion Rewards

Talk to Lae in the Eventhub to learn more, or if you're at least level 45, you can head straight to Hollowdeep to begin the quests to craft his dark new Undead Legion gear. Hollowborn Legionnaires are a rare breed, so be prepared for many, many battles if you're looking to craft all these dark and deadly rewards. 

Draftless Quest
requires Undead Champion + Lae's Hardcore Contract


  • Hollowborn Undead Warrior
  • Hollowborn Underworld Legacy Horns + Helm

Flow Stress Quest
requires Lae's Hardcore Contract

  • Hollowborn Legion Champion
  • Hollowborn Legion Champion Crest
  • Hollowborn Soul Eater Blade
  • Hollowborn Undead Legacy Horns + Helm
  • Lich King Fragment

Heat Treatment Quest
requires Ultimate Lich King armor, helmet, and Lae's Hardcore Contract

  • Hollowborn Lich King armor
  • Hollowborn Lich King Horns + Hood
  • Hollowborn Lich King Cloak

Counterblow Quest
requires level 95

  • Hollowborn Lich King's Pride
  • Shadow of the Hollowborn Legion
  • Hollowborn Lich King's Morph + Flaming Skull
  • Hollowborn Apocalypse Flame (single + dual-wield)
  • Hollowborn Soul Eater Blades (dual-wield)
  • Altar of the Hollowborn Caladbolg

And while you're battling through Hollowdeep and HBChallenge, don't miss these other wicked equips.

ShadowSlayer D's Merge Shop:

  • Hollowborn Vampire Knight set
  • Hollowborn Lycan set
  • Hollowborn Vampire Lord
  • Hollowborn ShadowSlayer set

These rewards are permanently available, so if you need to level up to take these evil opponents down, never fear... you've got time!

NEW Dark Birthday Rewards

Whether you embrace the Darkness or choose to fight it and reap the rewards... battles lie ahead of you this weekend. All players can battle Dage the Evil in the /dage map to collect new reward drops, and members of the Undead Legion will find a hoard of new drops in the Undead Legion Merge Shop.

Dage the Evil Boss Drops in /dage:

  • Eminence Helmet of the Legion
  • Horned Legion Eminence Helmet
  • Death's Requiem Axe (single + dual-wield)
  • Undeath Dominion Corona
  • Pale Fae Skull Bangle (single + dual-wield)

Grrrberus in /dagefortress:

  • Bough of the Underworld staff

Legion Merge Additions:

  • Ultimate Lich King cape
  • Ultimate Lich King flaming skull
  • Underworld Dark Ops, Armed Underworld Dark Ops, Underworld Dark Breach Ops armors
  • Underworld Dark Ops Helm, Morph, Mask helms
  • Dark Ops Briefcase + Dark Ops Tactical Gear
  • Dark Ops Ghost Drone pet
  • Dark Ops Cold Steel Kukri
  • Underworld Dark Ops Rifle
  • Hollowborn Paragon Quest Buddy*

NCS's LoveCaster Set

LoveCasters wield the most powerful magic of all: LOVE! It can affect even most stubborn of heroes. And when you combine its power shadow magic… Hollowborn LoveCasters can conquer anyone, anywhere, at any time… especially if they do not expect it.

This weekend is the real-life birthday for NCS, one of our artists + long-time players! As a faithful member of the Hollowborn AND Undead Legion, he's crafted a dark but lovely set for you.

Talk to him in the /shadowrealm to unlock the Hollowborn LoveCaster armor + Top Hat in the AC shop OR by completing a regular + daily quest to save up the merge resources.

* Quest pet lets you access the "Time for Some Spring Cleaning" and "Taking a Boat Trip" quests.

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