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MASSIVE Harvest of Ebil

Alina | Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Double Boss Battle and Dark New Rewards

Our double boss mid-week release is overflowing with bright and dark gear to help you celebrate this Harvest Fest! Return this Friday as we add even MORE rewards to collect and rare gear in the Black Friday 2022 collection chest.

We've got a bountiful release for you this weekend:

  • Battle RAWRGobble in the /birdswithharms map to collect all the pieces of the Autumn Wonderland set
  • Battle to help Chairman Platinum in a new EbilCorp adventure in /ebilcorptakeover
  • Defeat the Chickencow in /battleontown to collect all new diner-themed house items
  • Head to /hbchallenge and take on Dr. Neelo's experiment for dark new gear
  • Collect all our new Black Friday 2022 rare and seasonal farming rewards

Rawrgobble item drops in /birdswithharms:

  • Autumnal Civilian armor
  • Autumnal Civilian Hair + Locks 
  • Red Panda cape
  • Autumnal Pathway ground rune
  • Scarbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Scarbucks Pumpkin Pie
  • Autumnal Red Panda Plushie
  • Autumnal Owl Plushie
  • Autumnal Fox PlushiePink Aura
  • Waddles + Pink Waddles Helms 
  • Earthen Hair + Locks

Harvest Merge Shop update in /harvest:

  • Autumniphile armor
  • Autumniphile Beret Hair + Locks
  • Autumnal Civilian Beret + Locks
  • Autumniphile Beret Morph + Locks
  • Autumnal Maple Leaves cape
  • Scarbucks Pumpkin Pie And Latte
  • Shadow Collector armor

Hollowborn Boss Update... FOR SCIENCE!

It's the darkest time of the year, and that means... a new Hollowborn Boss has spawned! /join HBChallenge and talk to Dr. Neelo, the Hollowborn Creator. Some call him a "scientist" but he knows better. And so will you, after you face his latest creation!

Then return on Friday, when we bring you the all-new Hollowborn Alchemist set!

Rare Module 005 item drop in /hbchallenge:

  • Module 005 Chibi Pet (leaves December 9th)

Merge Shop gear in /hbchallenge:

  • Hollowborn Creator
  • Hollowborn Creator Morph
  • Module 005 Morph
  • Module 005 Tanks
  • Module 005 Gauntlet

EbilCorp Boss: Cafeteria of HORRORS

Chairman Platinum is ALWAYS looking for new ways to optimize, commercialize, and terrorize his employees. By cutting costs + slashing the cafeteria food budget, he’s created a buffet of the profane. He needs YOU to help clean up the mess in /ebiltakeover.

Head to /ebilmech to take on Chairman Platinum's Ebil Mecha Dragon to collect the pieces of the PACV-EC Mach 1.0 set. Then complete the quests + collect merge resources in /ebiltakeover to create the PACV Mach 2.0 gear!

Ebil Mech Dragon drops in /ebilmech:

  • PACV-EC Mach 1.0
  • PACV-EC Helm
  • PACV-EC Visor
  • PACV-EC Guard
  • PACV-EC Battle Wings
  • PACV-EC Alien
  • PACV-EC Battle Hammer
  • PACV-EC Railgun

Merge Shop gear in /ebiltakeover:

  • PACV Mach 2.0
  • PACV Helm
  • PACV Visor
  • PACV Guard
  • PACV Battle Wings
  • PACV Alien
  • PACV Battle Hammer
  • PACV Railgun

EbilCorp Cafe AC Shop:

  • PACV Space Traveler
  • PACV Alien Unit
  • PACV-EC Space Traveler
  • PACV-EC Alien Unit
  • PACV-EC Custom Energy Strikers
  • Guncraft Artillery Combat Beast

Smorgasbord drops in /ebiltakeover:

  • Ebil Cafeteria Worker's Hair + Locks
  • Ebil Cafeteria Worker's Mask + Locks

Black Friday 2022 Farming Rewards

So... many... black and pink items! We've got a host of new reward gear for you to unlock this week!

The following Black Friday farming items are available RIGHT NOW!

Black Friday Seasonal Shop in /blackfridaywar:

  • Black Chinchilla Pet

J6's Coin Collector Merge Shop in /hollowhalls:

  • Crypto Collector armor

Rawrgobble drop in /birdswithharms:

  • Pink Aura

Smorgasbord drops in /ebiltakeover:

  • Dark Flame Visage frpm 
  • PeptoCorp Agent
  • SugarSkull Cane
  • Dark Zeke Cloak

Mystery Meat drops in /ebiltakeover:

  • Pink and Ugly Stick (single + dual wield)
  • Dark and Ugly Stick (single + dual wield)

Ebil Mech Dragon drop in /ebilmech:

  • Shadey Cowboy

Quest rewards:

  • Shadow Plate of Nulgath from the Twisted Items of Nulgath quest
  • Ebony DragonBlade of Nulgath from the Demanding Items of Nulgath quest

Log in this Friday to unlock even MORE Black Friday rewards!

Item drops:

  • Guncraft Shadowslayer
  • Guncraft Spikes
  • 8 Guncraft Helms 
  • Guncraft Shadowslayer Gunblade (single + dual wield) 
  • Guncraft Battle Armaments
  • Guncraft Shadowslayer Big Iron (single + dual wield) 
  • Guncraft Shadowslayer Shotgun
  • Shadow Magelord's Hood
  • Shadow Mage's Portal
  • Dark Royal Scepter
  • Dusky Evader
  • Pink POSE! Pitchfork
  • Dark Steel Afterlife
  • Bido's Beautiful Fireflies
  • Obsidian Demon Samurai + Obsidian Oniga Helm
  • Rose Royal Shadowslayer
  • Shadowy Fiend Costume
  • Rose Phoenix Sword + Obsidian Phoenix Sword
  • Cute Calico Cobby Pet

Merge Shop:

  • Elite Guncraft Shadowslayer armor 
  • 6 Elite Guncraft helms 
  • Guncraft Glory
  • Guncraft Shadowslayer Bigger Iron (single + dual wield) 
  • Guncraft Shadowslayer Biggest Iron (single + dual wield) 
  • Guncraft Shadowslayer Vulcan Cannon
  • Guncraft Artillery Beast

Then return on Monday for our Cyber Monday reward items!

Dark Holiday AdventureCoin Bonus

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Daily Login Gifts

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Leaving Soon: mark your calendars

Don't miss out on your favorite limited time events, stories, and gear! 

November 25*:

  • Rare October daily login gifts
  • Featured Gear Shop sets: Vampiric Noble, Magical Superstar, Sweet Treat Healer, Strange Pets
  • AQWorlds Birthday map
  • Mogloween events 

November 30: Daily login gifts released between November 1 - 14

December 1: November + October seasonal sets

December 2: Black Friday Collection + Harvest Fest leave

*Because we have so many heroes in the Philippines impacted by Tropical Storm Nalgae during the beginning of the holiday event lineup, all seasonal events, rare items, and daily gifts released in October will remain available until November 25th. (Except for the 20th Anniversary Collection Chest, which leaves November 18th)

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