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Yokai New Year Event Extension

Alina | Friday, February 24, 2023

Event Now Leaves Friday, March 3rd

Earlier this month, our seasonal Yokai New Year event returned for the Year of the Rabbit and was set to leave this Friday. One of the AQWorlds community artists, Ferozakh, loves creating gear for this holiday, and submitted several sets he thought would be available this month. But because of some filename confusion, I scheduled the Colorful Grenwog Garb Set to release during our Grenwog event.*

There is a really easy fix... we release his favorite version THIS week and bring it back in April. This way, his streak of submitting gear for Lunar New Year remains unbroken, and YOU still get all the reward farming gear we planned on. The Yokai New Year event will now leave next Friday, March 3rd

The Colorful Grenwog Garb set and several Year of the Rabbit house items will drop from the Elixir Etokoun boss in /yokaihunt starting this week, and will also be available from the Grenwog event in April.

  • Colorful Grenwog Garb: drops from Elixir Etokoun in /yokaihunt this week + the Grenwog in April
  • Pastel Grenwog Garb: farming reward set in April
  • Lovely Grenwog Garb: featured rare set in April
  • Lucky Grenwog Garb: featured rare set in April
  • Dark Grenwog Garb: arrives for Black Friday in November

* The seasonal Grenwog boss is based on a rabbit, so having a Yokai New Year / Grenwog crossover event works out.

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