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Kathool Challenge Battle

Alina | Friday, August 25, 2023

God of the Depths Battle + Termina Temple Expansion

In the God of the Deep's realm, no one can hear you scream... The Voice in the Sea has been silenced, and the dangerous implications for our world cannot be denied any longer. This weekend, return once more to the stygian deeps for a new boss battle, new quests, an epilogue cutscene, sea-riously wicked rewards, and more!

This weekend, adventures await in:

  • KathoolDepths: challenge battle vs the God of the Depths (level 80+)
  • DeepChaos: new rewards from the original Kathool boss 
  • TerminaTemple: saga epilogue quests + cutscene
  • ExtraCredit: new reward drops + shop items

This Weekend's Daily Login Gifts:

  • Server Boost: Double EXP, Gold, Rep, and Class Points boost on all servers
  • Saturday: 7 rare Dessert Decal wall items from the Videogame Console in /extracredit
  • Sunday: rare pet drop from the Whale Louse in /twilightzone

This weekend's update has something for everyone, whether you're level 1 or 100. Don't miss the new gear in the /deepchaos and /extracredit zones. All of this month's daily gift drops are listed on the event calendar at

The Deep One's Challenge and Rewards

Kathool, with its new title as God of the Depths, awaits in the abyss with a new challenge... and rewards to match. You'll need to be at least level 80 to enter the /KathoolDepths battle, but ALL heroes can take on the original Kathool boss in /deepchaos for even more new rewards.

Battle the God of the Depths in /KathoolDepths for a chance to get:

  • Kathool Acolyte armor + 2 helms
  • MindSmasher Blade* 
  • Psychic Domination Spear* 
  • Marine Metamorphosis Claw* 

Defeat Kathool in /deepchaos for a chance to get:

  • Kathool Acolyte armor
  • Purgation Pistol* 
  • Kathool's Spear Breaker
  • Spear of the Deep One

KathoolDepths Merge Shop:

  • Adeptus Kathooli armor + 5 helms
  • Adeptus Kathooli Fin cape
  • Barbarous + Apex MindSmasher Blades*
  • Leviathon + Thyllian Dominator Spears*
  • Deep SeaBase House

Single + dual-wield variants of each are available

Voice in the Sea Epilogue

The Voice in the Sea has been silenced, and the dangerous implications for our world cannot be denied any longer.  As thunder rumbles across the land, the time has come for YOU to return to Termina Temple for the finale of our Age of Ruin: Voice in the Sea saga!

If you've completed the Dead Sea quest from Tara in the /Seavoice map, you'll automatically unlock the epilogue cutscene when you /join TerminaTemple. Then...

  • Talk to Song to access new quests and her potion shop
  • Rand will direct you to notable challenge fights and dungeons (like the Kathool Battle or the Eclipse Ascent)

Next week: a new Jukebox loaded with the saga's songs will become available!

Extra Credit Rewards for A+ Heroes!

Log in this weekend and battle to earn extra credit... and all new reward gear as heroes across Lore prepare for their next academic adventures. Battle bullies, smash distractions, and reap the rewards in the /extracredit map!

Battle the following monsters in /extracredit for a chance to get new drops:

  • Meanest Girl: Violet Mayhem Streetgear armor + Guava Sip weapons
  • Grade A Bully: Impish Purple Tail cape + Purple Paddlepop weapons
  • Supply Locker:  Violent Violet Gavel mace, Purple Party Pop + Guava Gulp capes, Raw Cookie Dough Blade

ExtraCredit Merge Shop:

  • Violet Puffed Coat armor
  • Grape Chill Package
  • Cookie Blade series: Chewy, Crunchy, Melty, and Gourmet Cookie Blades

Back to School Gear Shop:

  • Violet Mayhem Outfit armor
  • 11 new weapons

Note: there are a TON of new helms matching the Violet Mayhem armor sets. We'll be adding those in alongside an update to Bev's hair shop in Battleontown next week.

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