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Age of Ruins Saga Begins

Alina | Saturday, April 29, 2023

Our New Main Story begins in Termina Temple

At long last, the threat Malgor and his ShadowFlame army posed has been put to rest, but the scars he inflicted remain... and so does the knowledge you gained. The Gods and Greater Beings of the Old Worlds Order have been revealed, and now you must complete the task they've set: to neutralize three dire threats before they awaken. Journey this weekend to Termina Temple as we begin the next Chapter of our main story in: the Age of Ruin!

This weekend, /join terminatemple to begin your adventures!

  • Meet new allies and discover more about your current battle companions
  • Complete quests to earn XP, gold, and new item rewards
  • Learn more about the Temple, Lady Celestia, and a host of faction guardians and Loremasters

Don't miss the any of our upcoming events and releases of this month's update. Bookmark our weekly event  here: AdventureQuest Worlds calendar.

Termina Temple Rewards

Talk to Lady Celestia in the Termina Temple. She's declared complete neutrality, and is eager to help heroes of all alignments as you search for the three threats facing you. Complete quests in the map to earn Termina Sigils and combine them with other merge requirements to make the DragonLords of Good, Evil, and Chaos!

Bev's Battleontown Hair Shop Update

This is shear bliss! The first of Bev's new 2023 hairstyles have arrived in her Battleontown Hair Shop. Check all ten out now them out now (five male, five female). Next month, we'll add headcoverings (like gele, turbans, shawl/wraps, etc) to her shop to give you even more comfort and coverage as you brave the elements during your adventures.

The hairstyles and headcovering options we chose stem from a wide range of different cultures and groups to bring you maximum freedom and flexibility of choice. Many were suggested by your fellow heroes in the AQWorlds community. We'll continue that as we see more requests and ideas from members of our videogame community!

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