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Scorching Summer Collection

Alina | Friday, July 12, 2024

The super-hot 2024 Summer Collection Chest is Here

Whether you head to the beach to cool down or get your surf on... beat the heat this weekend with the super-cool gear in our Scorching Summer 2024 Collection! Unlock over 125 rare and seasonal event items when you get the chest for 10,000 AdventureCoins or buy individual items from Quibble in Battleon.

  • Get the full collection for 10,000 ACs or
  • Buy individual items from Nibble's Rares shop in Battleon 

Plus, find even more items arriving in the chest in August!

Now Available: Scorching Summer Collection

The color-customizable, hero-sized Scorching Summer Collection Companion Pet is in Quibble's Shop for 10,000 AdventureCoins now!

  • Click it to open the collection shop full of 0 AC versions of Quibble's rares
  • Automatically unlock any future items added to the collection
  • Find the Savage Scavenger Zorbak pet w/ quest for an exclusive character page badge

New Sets This Weekend

  • Chaotic Beach Lounger gear + Chaotic Gaze Surfboard
  • Dark Summer Lounger gear, Shadowball Pet, Crawling Darkness Surfboard
  • Justified Summer Lounger gear + Justified Dragon Surfboard
  • Hollowborn Beach Lounger gear + Hollowborn's Will Surfboard
  • Aquataine Chanteuse armor set
  • Aqua Glacies Staff, Whip, Gauntlets
  • Gothic Beachwear Armor + Umbrella Armor
  • Lunar Gothic Beachwear Armor + Umbrella Armor
  • Wavy + Sleek Gothic Beach Locks + Shades helms

Red Tide Dragon Set
All items in the set are seasonal, not color-customizable.

  • Majestic Red Tide Dragon armor (unique pose)
  • Red Tide Dragon armor
  • Male Morph + Hair helms
  • Female Morph + Hair helms
  • Red Tide Dragon Guardian cape
  • Red Tide Dragon Tail cape
  • Red Tide Dragon Spear

Sea Guard Diver & Gunner Set
All items in the set are rare & color-customizable 

  • Sea Guard Diver armor
  • Sea Guard Gunner armor
  • Sea Guard Diver Hair + Ponytail
  • Sea Guard Diver Morphs (male + female)
  • Bay Watcher + Bay Whistler Twig pets
  • Beachball Pro Twilly pet
  • Beach Scavenger Zorbak pet
  • Beach Comber Quibble regular + Bank Pet
  • Sea Guard Pulse Gun (single + dual-wield)
  • Sea Guard Ripple Gun (single + dual-wield)
  • Sea Guard Flotation Board (single + dual-wield)

Casual Wayfarer Set
All items in the set are rare & color-customizable 

  • Prepared Casual Wayfarer armor (unique pose)
  • Casual Wayfarer armor (regular pose)
  • Styrofoam Take-Out Sneevil Morph helm
  • Casual Wayfarer Shaded Hair + Locks
  • Casual Wayfarer Shaded Sunhat, Hair + Locks

Evil Underworld Lounger Set
All items in the set are rare 

  • Evil Underworld Lounger armor
  • Male + Female Morphs + Hairs
  • Underworld Lounging Buddy helm 
  • Ghostly Wisps cape
  • Underworld Fury Blaze Companion Blade pet
  • Underworld Fury Blaze Blade (single + dual-wield)
  • Legion Wave Slicer Surfboard
  • Blazing Underworld Blade house item

Nulgath Nation Lounger Set
All items in the set are rare 

  • Nulgath Nation Lounger armor
  • Male + Female Morph helms
  • Fiend's Inception Companion Blade pet
  • Fiend's Inception Blade (single + dual-wield)
  • Fiend's Ego Surfboard
  • Fiend's Inception Kiln house item

ShadowScythe Empire Lounger Set
All items in the set are rare 

  • ShadowScythe Empire Lounger armor
  • Male + Female Morph helms
  • Shadow Dragon Revolution cape
  • Shadowscythe Emblem Surboard

Still to Come...

Collection Chest items scheduled to release in July include:

  • NPC + Game Logo Surfboards
  • And more!

Just want a couple of the items listed above? Apart from the exclusive Scorching Summer Collection Companion Pet and Savage Scavenger Zorbak pet, all of the gear contained inside the Collection shop will also be available individually in Quibble's Summer Event Shop.

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