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Frostval 2023 Winter Collection

Alina | Friday, December 29, 2023

Quibble's New Shipment of Wintery Rare Gear is here

Our very own time-traveling sales moglin is BACK with a shop full of super-cool event rares to help you /slay... and then sleigh! Log in now and check out all the rare items in Quibble Coinbiter's Shop in Battleon. Want all the gear? Get up the Endless Winter Collection Chest to unlock ALL of the 120+ event rares and a character page badge for 10,000 AdventureCoins (over 50,000 ACs worth of items)

  • Get the full collection for 10,000 ACs or
  • Buy individual items from Quibble's Rares shop in Battleon 

Check out Quibble's Frostval Rares Shop to find:

  • Exclusive Endless Winter 2023 Collection Chest pet (unlocks the full collection shop)
  • PermaFrost Kitsune armor (regular + inverse)
  • Rimeblossom Kitsune armor (regular + inverse)
  • PermaFrost + Rimeblossom set accessories
  • Permafrost Moon Crystals + Kitsune Tails capes
  • Iron Fang Warlord armor set
  • Frigid Krampus armors (regular and defensive body styles)
  • Frigid Krampus set accessories
  • Festive Globetrotter armor set (color customizable)
  • Divine Tundra Warlock set
  • Enchanted Tundra Warlock set (color customizable)
  • Glacial & Ceremonial Elven Winter armors*
  • Thok's Tundra Marauder armor set**
  • Northern Lights Juvania armor set**
  • Cryomancer Arcana armor set**
  • Resplendant DragonLord armor set
  • Twinkling Snowfall cape (animated)
  • Icicle Imp pet & battlepet
  • Festive Gift Sleigh Bank Pet
  • Resplendent Dragon Companion
  • Holiday Snowglobe Stage ground rune
  • Wintermint Sleigh House item***
  • and more!

This week's collection update includes:

  • Permafrost & Rimeblossom Kitsune Tsukesage armors
  • Snowshade Raven armor
  • Snowshade Raven Mask, Beak, and Hood helms
  • Snowshade Carrion Carver (single + dual-wield)
  • Snowshade Carrion Longsword (single + dual-wield)
  • Snowshade Carrion Greatsword (single + dual-wield)
  • Glowing Carrion Lantern and Blade
  • Mistfall Lich armor
  • Mistfall Lich Helms
  • Mistfall Lich's Cloak + Awakened Cloak
  • Frigid Phantasm Rune
  • Frigid Phantasm Glyph
  • Drifting Twin Phantoms floor item
  • Tundra Wolf Reveiller armor set
  • Santa Ferret pet + House Item
  • Furry-ous Cat + Battlecat pets***

Endless Winter Collection Exclusives:

  • Icicle Imp pet with quest for the character page badge
  • Icicle Imp battlepet (0 AC, non-member)

Just want a couple of the items listed above? Apart from the exclusive pets, all of the gear contained inside the Endless Winter Collection Chest shop will also be available to buy individually in Quibble's Event shop.

Endless Winter Collection Notes

Read on for important notes about this year's collection.

  • All of this year's event rare items are available individually from Quibble's Frostval Rares Shop until the event leaves January 12th.
  • Additional items will arrive later this month as we continue our Frostval holiday celebration!

* The Glacial Elven armor set is a 2023 event rare. The Ceremonial Elven armor set is seasonal and will return in future Frostval events. This is the only year it will be free in the Collection Chest. The art is based off of the Dryden NPC.

** The holiday version of Metrea, the Rogue Trainer, drops from the Witch in /fimbultomb. The regular versions of the NPC Trainer armor sets will be farmable for all players next year.

*** The cat pets shredded their headgear. Fixing those up and will release ASAP.

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