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2023 is... (almost) OVER!

Alina | Friday, December 29, 2023

A New Year... and New Gifts for You

It is December 29th, 2023. The Eternal Dragon of Time shifted the clock forward so our New Year's Eve celebration begins NOW! Log in and give one last battle-cry for 2023, then /join newyear. Watch the 2023 New Years Ball drop, the fireworks burst, and get your /party on for 2024!

New game release

  • New Holiday event: New Year's Eve events return + ChronoForge boss
  • Frostval 2023 Collection Chest update
  • New monster drops in /wolflake, /northstar, and /eventhub

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: Double ALL boosts
  • Resource Boost: Unidentified 34 + 35, Celestial Dungeon
  • Saturday: Holiday Elf Fa & Re from the Eldritch Gifthulu in /caroltown
  • Sunday: Chrono Fortress from the Retrograde Maw in /timeretaliate

2024: ChronoForge Master

This weekend, journey to the Chronoforge, where the tools and timepieces of Chronomancers are created. Complete Sir Wimey's quests to gather raw gem resources to feed to the Gem Forgemaster. With luck and split-second timing, you'll be able to craft the gear before New Years!

Play through all our previous New Year's events in...

  • newyears
  • newyearlab
  • darksun
  • frostmane
  • grimattack
  • cathedral
  • everfrost
  • chronophoenix
  • timeritual
  • timeretaliate
  • chronogem

New Drops from the Frostval Gifts in /eventhub 

  • Frostval Rat pets
  • Holiday NPC Elf pets: Yoshino, Robina, and Gravelyn

New Drops from Amarok in /wolflake

  • Astrum Vela Mage armor
  • Astrum Vela Hair+ Locks
  • Starlit Snowflakes Cape
  • Starlit Snowflake Staff
  • Glowing Carrion Lantern (single + dual-wield)

New Drops from Karok the Fallen

  • Karok's Companion pet (with quest for accessories)
  • Karok's Battle Companion (member-only)

ChronoForge Merge Shop

  • Quantum Centurion armor
  • 6 quantum centurion helms
  • Quantum Centurion Wrap cape
  • Quantum Centurion Countdown cape
  • Quantum Centurion Meridian cape
  • Epoch Definer Blade
  • Epoch Definer Pilum polearm
  • Destructive Decennium gauntlet
  • Epoch Definer Blade and Shield
  • Epoch Definer Pilum and Shield

A color-customizable version of the Quantum Centurion armor set will arrive in the New Year's Eve rares shop update along with all the 2024 NYE rare items.

2023: Chronos in Retrograde

Au'eir, the rogue Chronomancer, has approached the Hero to rectify a problem that threatens the flow of time. A lifeform known as the Retrograde Maw has been born, seeking to eliminate Chronomancers and erase any trace of their existence. It must be defeated to keep the timeline stable. /join timeretaliate to begin your adventure!

If you're impatient for 2023 to get here (like I am) take out your rage on the 2023 Ball monster as you wait for it to drop and ring in the new year. And while you wait... It's TIME to REAP the rewards of our New Year's release!

Plus, if you have the original Jolly Frostval Attire armor, Santa Hunk helm, or Santa Cutie helm, you can /join northlandlights and head to the daytime version of the map (made by Despera). Click on the gift box to start quests to dye your gear a festive forest green!

2019: The Chrono Phoenix Rises

The Chrono-Phoenix is a part-organic, part-mechanical creature created to track the cyclical death and re-birth of the year. But its gears are going haywire, and if you don't help Lucca the Chronomancer fix it, the new year might NEVER arrive!

2018: A Chilling Tale

A new year dawns for the Yetis of EverFrost Valley, and a new generation of their warriors is ready to undergo an ancient rite to welcome the new year. You are the first human ever invited to join in the ritual slaying of the ice spirit Chillbite, Guardian of the Valley. On December 29th, celebrate the new year with your new tribe… if you survive!

2017: Archive of Time

Corruption will result in alteration of existing persons, places, and things in Lore. Correction required before countdown expires or changes will become per-pe- *static* SIGNAL LOST.

2013: A New Dawn for a New Year!

Save the sun, Hero, or tomorrow will never come! When a Werepyre petitions the Nocturan Creed, guardians of the night, to ensure he will never be harmed by the light again, you will need to work with the Lumina Votari to protect the sun and save the world! Journey across Lore to ensure that a new dawn - and a New Year - will begin!

Happy Holidays + Merry New Year

We hope you're having a fantastic holiday with your family and friends! Thank you for battling alongside us throughout 2023,and for supporting us with through purchasing Memberships and AdventureCoins! We've got plans for an amazing, crazy, and AWESOME 2024, and I can't wait to battle alongside you all as we build it together!


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