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Lavarock Hydra Boss Battle

Alina | Monday, June 5, 2023

If you can't stand the heat, stay away from the volcano

This weekend, log in and head to this Summer's newest boss battle in Lavarock Bay! Prinsesa Anina needs your help to quell the fury of the volcano's guardian dragon, Kalayo. Defeat it, and she'll reward you with some of the hottest gear of the year! 

Kalayo is a dragon that has come to nest in the caldera of the Lavarock volcano. Though hatched far away, on the shores of her homeland, it has taken on a divine duty. It prevents intruders from tainting the pure flames of the volcano with our mortality. 

Head to LavaRock Bay and talk to Prinsesa Anina for super-heated boss battles: 

  • All heroes: battle Kalayo in /lavarockbay
  • Level 75 and up: battle Kasuko in /lavarockshore
  • Quest to create fiery versions of fan-favorite weapons

Plus, this weekend, we're also bringing you:

  • Our Summer seasonal events return, along with a new /summerhub map
  • Battle the Multo ng bai + Wisterrora monsters in /ghostbeach for seasonal drops
  • The Chronomancer of Light, is now available in the Featured Gear Shop
  • Find Mi and the Pride shop permanently available in the Shinkansen map
  • Updates to the Blood Titan Class
  • The DeepSea Defender Upgrade Bonus is now available
  • Our Summer AC Bonus is happening now!

Lavarock Rewards

Dueling Kalayo is a sacred obligation Prinsesa Anina's people accepted. To show her gratitude, all heroes can unlock new rewards in the Lavarock Merge Shop in /lavarockbay. 

Lavarock Merge Shop Gear

  • Lavarock Guardian armor
  • 2 helms
  • 1 cape
  • Kalayo's Oath Blade (single and dual-wield)
  • Molten Lava Rock Mace (single and dual-wield)

Heroes who are level 75 and higher and can defeat its stronger form, Kasuko, for higher drop quantites of the Volcanic Essence, and to complete the Molten Core daily quest required to forge the:

  • Blaze of Awe
  • Burning Sword of Doom
  • Blazing Light of Destiny

This week's boss battle was inspired by the mythology of the Philippines. As we approach Filipino Independence Day, we wanted to honor all of our Filipino heroes who've battled alongside us for so many years.

Monday Update: Missing Gear Returned

Last Friday, the Underworld Fifth Master set, Novastriker set, and the Grievous Fiend Spear were accidentally pulled from the Featured Gear Shop early. They have been added back now and stay until June 16th, as originally announced. 

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