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PvP Puzzle Game Imported to AQW

Alina | Monday, April 3, 2023

Play AS a Pony in NeighQWorlds: Pony vs Derp

Calling all foal villains and rodeo heroes: we herd you want MARE PONIES? If you're a fan of the original Ponies vs Ponies game we released back in 2012, you're going to LOVE this weekend! We've imported the puzzles, the ponies, and all the smol-lest pets... and added the ability for you to play AS a Pony! No joke O_O!!!

Log in now to play NeighQuest Worlds: Pony Vs Derp! 

  • /Join MagicMeaderp and talk to Neighbeleen
  • Gallop through the zone as a pony and encounter super-cute creatures
  • Play the AQWorlds version of the Pony vs Pony puzzle game with derp'd pets 
  • Defeat the DerpNightMare to unlock its secret 
  • Complete quests to earn tickets to create SUPER CUTE gear

Right now, you can /join magicmeaderp to play through the holiday version of the event + collection the seasonal rare gear. 

Once this month is over ends, the derp creatures will revert to their normal adorable selves in the /magicmeadow map. But this time NEXT YEAR, they'll change back to their a-derp-able variants.

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