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Eternal Hero of Time Set

Alina | Friday, February 3, 2023

Upgrade to unlock the exclusive armor sets

Once upon another time, or perhaps in the near past or future, Chaos and the ShadowFlame infect your world. The Eternal Hero of Time is the key to unlocking salvation. Get the Eternal Hero of Time upgrade bonus pack when you buy any AdventureCoin or Membership package of $10 USD or more and unlock all 27 items plus a character page badge.

After you purchase an account upgrade, select a bonus set of your choice from a list of options in your Account Manager

Pack Details

 Choose the Eternal Hero of Time upgrade bonus to unlock all 3 armor sets: featuring Eternal Dragon, ShadowFlame, and Chaos themes. 

  • 6 Armors
  • 6 Helms
  • 3 Capes
  • 6 Daggers
  • 3 Ground items
  • 3 Pets
  • 3 Polearms
  • 3 Swords
  • and a character page badge

Once you've chosen the Eternal Hero of Time on the Account Manager page, log in and find the set's shop in the Other Achievements tab in your Book of Lore. 

12000 AC or 12 month membership package rewards:

  • ALL the Eternal Hero of Time gear
  • 7 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts 
  • 10 Wheel of Doom Tickets (worth 2,000 ACs!)
  • and a character page badge

Boosts and Doom Tickets will be added directly to your inventory.

2k and 5k AC or 1, 3, or 6 month membership package rewards:

  • ALL the Eternal Hero of Time gear
  • 5 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts 
  • and a character page badge

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