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Thursday Feature Update

Alina | Friday, November 4, 2022

Cosmetic Slots and Outfit Loadouts

After your many battlecries, these long requested features have made it into the game! 

1) Equipment Sets: pick sets of equippable gear to switch between. Items must be in your inventory to select and also to equip their set.

2) Cosmetic System: Worn cosmetic items now show to other players. Wearing cosmetic items lets you keep the appearance of one item while using the stats from other items

What are cosmetic slots? Good Question!

This system is similar to how you can equip an armor on top of a class: the armor art shows, but you use the skills of the class "underneath" it. With cosmetic slots, you'll be able to wear items, but use the boosts of the items equipped "underneath" them. 

Example: you equip the Necrotic Sword of Doom, but choose Default Sword as the cosmetic. You'll keep the stats of the NSoD, but you and other players will see the Default Sword equipped.

Equipped item: the game will use any boosts attached to the item/s you have equipped
Worn item: the game will display the art of the items you have in your cosmetic slots

Please note that when we say "wear item," we're referring to you wearing an item cosmetically. Similarly, "worn items" refer to whatever cosmetic items are currently being worn.

Important information:

  • Cosmetic system will only work for weapons, armors, helmets, and capes.
  • In PVP, you can still continue to see your own cosmetics, but every other player will show their real equipment

Equipped items will be highlighted in purple in your inventory
Worn items will be highlighted in green in your inventory 

To wear an item, you simply select “Show” rather than “Equip” in your inventory.

To remove (or "unwear") an item, you can select the item highlighted in green and select "Hide."


Updates coming in the future:

  • Character pages will display items in your cosmetic slots (currently your equipped items will still be displayed)

Remember: if you equip an item and don't see the art change... this is why! 

** As this is a new system, there may be bugs or unexpected issues. If you are reporting bugs to the bug tracker, please keep in mind that you now have "equipped items" and "worn/cosmetic items. 

Equipment Sets

The new outfits / equipment sets feature will let you mass-equip a set of items in one button click!

Important information:

  • You'll get 10 free outfit slots

Updates coming in the future:

  • Purchasing additional outfit slots (these will cost 100 ACs each)

To access this feature, navigate to the “Your Hero” button on the game interface and click on "Outfits"


You will be met with a new interface that will let you create sets, or select existing sets to wear at the click of a button. 

Go ahead and try it out for yourself in-game!

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