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School Your Foes

Alina | Friday, August 4, 2023

New Boss Battle and  August Seasonal Zones Return

Starting tonight, gear up for a month of new story updates, breaking the rules, wicked rewards, and schooling the fools that threaten your friends, family, and home. Log in now and /join augusthub to find all our August events. Plus, take on this weekend's newest boss in /wentira as our Indonesian Celebration begins, then head back to school in the /extracredit map!

New game release:

  • Indonesian Celebration 2023: new boss battle + rewards
  • Back to School prep: the /extracredit map + gear return 
  • August Event Hub Town: /join augusthub 
  • Featured Gear Shop: Elemental Chronomancer of Wind
  • New Upgrade Bonus set: Water Dragon Summoner

This Weekend's Daily Gifts & Boosts:

  • Server Boost: Double Gold Boost until Monday
  • Farming Resource Boost: Spirit Orbs & Metals for the Blinding Light of Destiny 
  • Saturday: seasonal Sunflower Claymores drop from the Flowering Bush in /rangda
  • Sunday: seasonal + rare Were-Crocodile pets drop from the Tuyul in /rangda

Celebrating the Spirit of Indonesia in Nusantara

This weekend, we return to Nusantara, Lore's land of emerald islands and 1,000 temples. The area and adventures are inspired by the real-life country of Indonesia. Each year, members of our team and larger artist community come together to craft new items and adventures to help honor our Indonesian heroes. 

Our newest adventure takes place in the royal city of Wentira, a paradise made of gold and only visible to those who deemed worthy. Demonstrate your worth to Prince Agung Palakka; he needs your aid to expel a corrupted former royal guard turned evil magician. 

Indonesian Celebration Zones:

  • Golden City of Wentira: defeat the Kabasaran Waranei and his boar minions in /wentira to help Prince Agung defend his home.
  • Demon Queen Battle: defeat the monsters and boss in /rangda to collect the pieces of the Arjuna, Payas Madras, and Gatotkaca sets.
  • Batara Kala Battles:  take on Batara Kala to earn Kala Insignias, which can be used to purchase the Kala Helmets and Dalang Sinden armor.* 

Wentiran Merge Shop

Complete the farming quest and slay monsters to ollect Wentiran Seals, Broken Tusks, Gold Nuggets, and Ancient Bones.

Keep them to craft:

  • Pesugihan Boar armor
  • 6 Pesugihan Boar helms
  • Pesugihan Ritual Instruments dagger
  • Kabasaran armor
  • Master Kabasaran Headdress
  • Master Kabasaran Adornment
  • Kabasaran Polearm
  • Kabasaran Shielded Sword
  • Kabasaran Shielded Polearm

Royan Wentiran Gear 

  • Kabasaran Soul Ground Rune
  • Kabasaran Blazing Skull Pet
  • Kabasaran War Dancing Sword Pet
  • Kabasaran Manifestation guardian cape
  • Kabasaran Morph helm (male + female variants)
  • Pesugihan Greed Offering Ground Rune
  • Pesugihan Greed Ritual Ground Rune
  • Rain of Gold Coins cape

Monster Drops

Pesugihan Boar

  • Pesugihan Boar Morph
  • Maned Pesugihan Boar
  • Feathered Bone Embellishment
  • Greedy Pet Boar
  • Candle Cane
  • Burgle Bag (single + dual-wield)
  • Dish of Abundance

Kabasaran Waranei

  • Kabasaran Headdress
  • Kabasaran Adornment
  • Shoulder Barn Owl
  • Kabasaran Cape
  • Sheathed Kabasaran Sword
  • Kabasaran Sword (single + dual-wield)
  • Kabasaran Bone Club (single + dual-wield)
  • Wentira Abode House


- Dalang Sinden: Requires level 75. Deals 25% more damage to all monsters when equipped.
- Living Kala Helmet: Requires level 75. Gives 30% More XP, Class Points, Gold, and Rep when equipped.

Batara Kala battle tips:tacks
- He heals for a lot, can you do anything about it?
- The longer you fight him, the hungrier he gets.
- His powerful Club Smash shreds your defenses, be prepared!

We have a vast number of dedicated and passionate Indonesian heroes in our videogame community. To help you celebrate your Independence Day later this month, many of our team members (and players) joined forces to help create this year's event for everyone. As you battle through the event, know that Artix, the AdventureQuest Worlds team, and I wish you and your family peace, joy, and love. At a time when there is so much darkness in our world, we strive to help spread light and happiness to as many people as possible... and hope you'll join us in doing the same.**

* Only one Kala Insignia one can be earned per day, so be sure to collect the full set before the event leaves for the year on September 1st.

** For our Indonesian heroes, read a translated version of the above here, courtesy of AQW mod Attar.

Gear up with extra credit and wicked new reward gear

Log in this weekend and prepare to level up! LoreMaster Maya's offering you bonus training time in the /extracredit map as heroes across Lore prepare for their next academic adventures. Battle bullies, smash distractions, and reap the rewards!

/join extracredit now to:

  • Battle the Grade A Bully and Meanest Girl to help your friends focus
  • Raid the School Supplies locker to make sure you've got the right tools for school
  • Defeat distractions and scoree extra points by beating the Evil Console
  • And /slay Dogear for your final exam

Complete Maya's lessons in the seasonal /extracredit map to collect merge resources to make gear that will help you rule the halls and conquer ANY challenges. Plus, find her Back to School shop with items for ACs and gold. (Four candy canes for YOU if you find all our Mean Girls references)

Gear Shop:

  • Dramatic Royal armor set
  • Academy Casual armor sets
  • Regular + color-custom Academy Tracksuit armor sets
  • Spring, Summer, Fall Uniform armor sets

Merge Shop:

  • Academy Jacket Outfit armor
  • Academy Jeans Outfit armor
  • Autumn Days armor set
  • Academic Attitude armor, Power Puffs + Curls of Power helms
  • Ultra Fierce Outfit, Ultra Fierce Locks, Super Cute Hair
  • Becky's Hair + Morph helms
  • Ben's Hair + Morph helms

Extra Credit Drops:

  • Meanest Bully armor
  • Burning Book mace
  • Dogged Professor Helm
  • Bagged Lunch, Number 2 Pencil, Chair Mace, Backpacks
  • Winter Uniform armor set

Featured Gear Shop: Singaporean Formal Batik Returns

We're also celebrating #Singapore's National Day on Monday with a the return of the Formal Batik set in the Featured Gear Shop and the August Seasonal Shop in /augusthub! 

The set contains:

  • Formal Batik armor
  • Formal Celebration hairs
  • Golden and Orchid Celebration Keyswords

These items will be available for AdventureCoins until September 1st, 2023. Then they'll leave game until next August.

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