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Happy Freedom Day

Alina | Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Let Freedom Ring!

Happy Freedom Day to our American heroes (and to the rest of the world, Happy Regular Tuesday)! Have a safe and fun day with family & friends. Our celebration begins with fireworks in Battleon + the return of our holiday event items in your Featured Gear Shop.

Featured Gear Shop Items:

  • Enchanted Striped Top Hat (male + female)
  • Enchanted Striped Top Hat
  • TopHat of Liberty
  • Bag Face of Justice
  • Sparkler Overload
  • Sword & Lance of the Patriots
  • Sparkler
  • Mini Cannon & Bald Eagle pets
  • Rocket on a Stick
  • Liberty Helm
  • Red, White, and Blue Flag Cloaks
  • Red, White, and Blue Liberty Blades
  • Explosive Rocket Backpack
  • Sparkler Overload

July 4th || Hunt #16: Celebratory Hunt

This week's Treasure Hunt is the EASIEST ONE EVER! To make sure you have time to /party with family and friends, we've gone ahead and made the clue very easy. You can see it in the image below. Happy hunting! Your new 0 AC item rewards will be available through July 31st.

NEW: Celebratory Hunt Rewards

  • ​Featured Gear Shop: 0 AC Fireworks Party Twilly pet
  • Featured House Shop: 0 AC Twilly's Party Works

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