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Class Hall Expands

Alina | Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Class Hall Expands

Log in and get ready to rank up your classes AND knowledge! The Class Hall expands with two new wings and 60) class trainers, giving you insight and info on even more classes! 

We first opened the Hall of Classes in 2020 as a hub of class information for new and experienced players. Originally, /classhall only opened with its first wing, intended for starter and early-game classes. Now, we bring to you two more wings, intended for mid-game and late-game classes!

As a reminder, each wing of the hall represents a different slew of classes based on when you’re likely to encounter and use them, and how powerful they are. 

  • /classhalla: Starter and Early-game classes for heroes just beginning the game and story
  • /classhallb: Mid-game classes for people wrapping up sagas and looking for an upgrade
  • /classhallc: Late-game classes for people who are diving into the farming and some challenge content and are looking for powerful classes
  • /classhalld: End-game classes for people looking to take on the greatest challenges Lore has to offer (not yet released)

Speak to any of the class trainer NPC’s to find out about their class, where to obtain them, and what they’re best used for.

Some classes may be more or less powerful than others in the same hall, and some can be found earlier or later! These halls simply act as a guide for classes you can look towards, and find interest in.

This includes paid and package classes, but not classes with limited availability. Heromart classes are not included either. Classes will all be represented by their most readily available counterpart or simplest name, but you can use the wiki to find variants and reskins of classes when available.

Training Grounds Revamp

Behind the Hall of Classes is where you can find the training grounds. Here, you can fight differing testing dummies to test out your class skills and abilities. This update, we’ve given the training grounds a facelift- adding more dummies, more rooms, and more scenarios.

Additionally, there’s a new and difficult foe for you to take on in the boss room of the training grounds- Moglin Psiae’s Training Golem! Take on Psiae’s quest alone or with your friends, and you can obtain exclusive gear (with boosts!) and tons of experience.

Classhall Character Page Background

Now, you can use Classhall’s exterior as a background on your character page! Simply find the button in /classhall, and you’re all set.

Additional Changes

Several other smaller changes are also rolling out with this week’s release.

  • Binky’s Curse of Blades now works as intended (shared with Doomkitten)
  • Curse of Blades now affects up to 4 targets and reduces your Critical Damage by 700%, but only lasts 7 seconds.
  • Several monster auras now only function within their respective maps:
  • Darkon the Conductor’s Grown
  • Doomkitten and Binky’s Curse of Blades
  • Ultra Exos’s Chaos Power
  • Xiang and Ultra Xiang’s +Chaos Power has been renamed to Duality Power
  • Master of Moglin’s skill order has been adjusted, to make it more receptive to enhancement traits
  • Absolution’s damage penalty has been reduced to 15% (this change happened two weeks ago, but was missed in the changelog)

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