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Revenge of the Fifth

Alina | Saturday, May 6, 2023

Our May the Fourth Event Continues this weekend!

Yesterday, all our out-of-this-world MogWars gear and seasonal adventures returned. This weekend, log in as our May the Fourth celebration continues in... The Cries of Twiggu! When the Fifth Lord Sepulchure's minions mog-nap baby Twiggu, he was lucky enough to be (mostly) rescued by the Fourth Spirit. But she can't leave, and it's imperative you get Baby Twiggu home safely. Your quest this is. Succeed, you must.

Your quest to conquer our holiday + pop-culture parody update begins now!

  1. /join Mayhub: new hub town with links to this month's holiday events + May staff birthday NPCs!
  2. /join murdermoon for this year's Baby Twiggu farming quests 
  3. Fight the Frogzard in /battleontown to get our new Cinco de Mayo set

Don't miss any of our May the Fourth maps:

  • Murdermoon: expanded with this weekend's reward farming adventure!
  • Zorbaspalace
  • Zorbaspit

This is the Way... to Wicked Rewards

All of the items below were crafted for you by AQW artist, D Black Star to help you celebrate this one-of-a-kind holiday. Each of the sets below draws inspiration from the Star Wars universe and then fuses it with elements from AdventureQuest Worlds. 

  • Zardian Pilot set: monster drop from this weekend's new event in /murdermoon
  • Astravian Enforcer set: merge shop set in /murdermooon
  • Grievous Fiend set: available for a limited time in the Featured Gear Shop
  • Galactic Gladinster set: a rare daily gift drops arriving this weekend 
  • Galactic Makai pet + Grievous Spear: daily gift items arriving later this month

Featured Rare Set: Grievous Fiend Gear

ArchFiend or not, you must realize... you are doomed. (Nulgath better watch his back, if you're approaching him with THIS gear equipped!). This weekend, log in and check out our new and returning May the Fourth events, then find the rare Grievous Fiend set in your Featured Gear Shop in the game menu until June 2nd.

Grievous Fiend Set

The Nation has spread to the void beyond the stars, bringing distant planets and their dark ambitions into the Archfiend's fold. Fiendish features grow the moment the contract is signed. 

  • Grievous Fiend armor
  • Grievous Fiend Visage + Morph
  • Backblades, Cape, + Combo
  • Grievous Fiend Saber (single + dual-wield)
  • Grievous Fiend Twin Sabers
  • Astravian Enforcer Saber (single + dual-wield)

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