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Last Chance: Friday the 13th Rares

Alina | Monday, June 6, 2022

Moonlit Couture + Cursed Healer Sets Leave Friday

Last month, our artists channeled midnight madness + dark energy to create our Friday the 13th rare gear. This week is your last chance to get these dark and deadly sets; the Moonlit Couture and Cursed Healer sets leave the Featured Gear Shop with this weekend's release on Friday, June 10th.

Moonlit Couture Set

  • Moonlit Couture Armor
  • Friday's Full Moon Cape
  • Moonlit Headdress Helm
  • Moonlit TopHat Helm
  • Moonlit Twintails Helm
  • Moonlit Fade Helm
  • Moonlit Cane Staff
  • Moonlit Ascension Staff
  • Moonlit Graveyard Ground Rune

Cursed Healer Set

  • Cursed Healer Armor
  • Cursed Healer's Spear Polearm
  • Cursed Healer's Enchanted Spear Polearm
  • Cursed Healer's X'd Runes Cape
  • Cursed Healer's Runes Cape
  • Cursed Healer's Veil Helm
  • Cursed Healer's Hood
  • Cursed Healer's Ground Rune
  • Uninvited Guest Cape
  • Uninvited Guest's Summoning Rune

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