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Happening Now: Total Solar Eclipse Event

Alina | Monday, April 8, 2024

Equip your Solar Viewers + Look Up!

Join the team and your fellow heroes in-game on Monday, April 8th as we celebrate the second Solar Eclipse of 2024 in-game! LeZard Man returns with his Eclipse shop and all-new farming rewards, including the Void Star-Eater and BlackOut armor sets! 

Solar Eclipse Shop:

  • leZard Man armor, Morph, and Tail
  • Solar Eclipse Cape
  • Eclipse Viewers Helm (male + female)
  • Eclipse Flare Pet
  • Eclipse in your Hand Mace
  • Enchanted BlackOut armor, helm, and cape (New color-custom set)

New Farming Rewards

  • Void Star-Eater armor
  • Star-Eater's Morph + Ravenous Grin helms
  • Star-Eater's Tail, Tentacles, + combo capes
  • Star-Eater's Void Flare
  • Star-Eater's Tusk (single + dual wield)
  • Star-Eater's Collapse ground rune
  • Star-Eater's Chibi Buddy pet
  • BlackOut armor, helm, and cape

LeZard Man's quest, shop, and merge shop will be available from April 8 - 19th. He will return again on:


  • September 17 (Lunar)
  • October 2 (Solar)
  • October 17 (Lunar)


  • March 13 (Lunar)
  • March 29 (Solar)
  • September 7 (Lunar)
  • September 21 (Solar)

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