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Seek the Flame, Survive the Frost

Alina | Friday, December 9, 2022

Now Available: Frostval 2022 Story, Part 1

The Snowview DogSled race is about to begin, and we ALL got invited. It would have been the perfect getaway... until you saw something lurking in the shadows. Log in this weekend and /join snowview. Talk to Aina and prepare to FIGHT for your RIGHT to CELEBRATE as magic, monsters, and conspiracy threaten to ruin this year's new Frostval event!

New Reward Gear

We've got more reward gear than Xanta Claws, and it's all yours this weekend... you'll just have to fight for it! Battle the monsters in /snowview to get drops, then craft the reward gear in Aina's merge shop!

Monster drops:

  • Spruce Sled Racer armor
  • Spruce Sled Racer Hat (male + female)
  • Spruce Sled Racer Cape
  • Festive Snowflake Staff
  • Festive Snowflakes Cape
  • Arctic Wolf Pup
  • Moonlit Wolf Pup
  • Midnight Wolf Pup
  • Bow of the Oracle
  • Blight Oracle Axe
  • Blight Oracle Axes

Merge Shop:

  • Festive Sled Racer Armor
  • Festive Sled Racer Hat (male + female)
  • Festive Sled Racer Champion Crown (male + female)
  • Festive Enamel Snowflakes Cape
  • Festive Sled Racer Cape
  • Festive Sled Racer Cape and Enamel Snowflakes
  • Golden Snowflake Sickle (single + dual wield)
  • Snowflake Sickle (single + dual wield)
  • Festive Golden Snowflake Bow
  • Mix n' Match Sickles

Leaving Soon: mark your calendars

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Monday, January 2: 
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Friday, January 20: AC Bonus ends

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