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Festive Featured Gear

Alina | Saturday, February 10, 2024

Festive New Featured Gear

Find all-new 2024 Heroes Heart Day x Carnaval color-customizable rare and seasonal sets + click-to-transform weapons in the Featured Gear Shop through March 1st.

Rare color-customizable shop additions

  • Amor e Alegria armor
  • 4 Amor e Alegria helms
  • Amor e Alegria bow
  • Dark Love Gambler
  • Dark Love Gambler helms (male + female) 
  • Dark Love Gambler Cane
  • Lovely Dark Royal Flush Cards (single + dual-wield)

Seasonal color-customizable shop additions

  • Amor e Folia
  • 4 Amor e Folia helms
  • Amor e Folia bow
  • Asas do Amor cape
  • Love Gambler Armor
  • Love Gambler Panama helma (male + female)
  • Love Gambler Cane 
  • Lovely Royal Flush Cards (single + dual-wield)

Click-to-Transform weapon

  • Lovesick Infernal Staff
  • Lovesick Infernal Hammer (single + dual-wield)
  • Lovesick Infernal Obliterator
  • Lovesick Infernal Blades

Find several new Void Commander items from Nulgath in his Collection and Birthday Rares shop! All his birthday zones and drops will be in-game through March 1st. 

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