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Terror in the Twilight

Alina | Friday, June 9, 2023

The Age of Ruin Saga continues this weekend

The sea is dark and full of terrors, but what about your dreams? This weekend, return to our main story with Chapter 3 of the Voice in the Sea Saga. Once you descend to the Twilight Zone of Seabase Undine, you'll find old friends, new secrets, a growing sense paranoia, and if you're lucky... the information you seek.

This weekend, log in for:

  • Age of Ruin Saga: Voice in the Sea III in /twilightzone
  • New reward gear in the Twilight Zone and Sea Base House Merge Shops
  • New Featured Gear: Cherry Blossom Fairy set + Sakura Fairy in Shadow set
  • Saturday's Daily Gifts: Sea Beast's Gifts I
  • Sunday's Daily Gifts: Summer Sakura Gifts
  • Updates to the Frost SpiritWeaver Class
  • Get double Gold all weekend long!

Don't miss the any of our upcoming events and releases of this month's update. Bookmark our weekly event  here: AdventureQuest Worlds calendar.

Voice in the Sea III Reward Gear

This weekend, we've got a bounty of new rewards for you! Read on to see what you can unlock, and how, then head in-game and get your battle on!

Twilight Zone Gear

Collect Undine Visitor Badges, Sundered Tentacles, and Leviathan Scales to create:

  • Evacuation Protocol Suit
  • Emergency Scuba Hood
  • Evacuation Drill hair helms 
  • Sea Base Flotation Device
  • Sea Base Emergency Hose
  • Sea Base Flotation Ring (single + dual wield)
  • Mindflayer's Infested Bow and Arrow
  • Devouring Sea's Blade (single + dual wield)
  • Eldritch Twilight Dirk (single + dual wield)

Sea Base House Merge Shop

Collect Undine Base Scrip, Sundered Tentacles, and Leviathan Scales to create:

  • Undine Office Desk
  • Ominous Undine Desk
  • Hero Hydration Station
  • Sea Base Server Rack
  • Ergonomic Engineer Setup
  • Base-ic Infirmary Bed
  • Flowering Shrub + Table
  • Golden Bouquet + Table
  • Medical Monitor 
  • Medical Monitor Trio
  • Song’s Seaside Portrait

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