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Alina | Friday, June 9, 2023

/Cheer for new Cherry Blossom Fairy Sets

Like sunny Summer days, cherry blossoms are beautiful because they're so fleeting; they remind us to live in the moment and cherish each day. This weekend, find our Cherry Blossom Fairy and Sakura Fairy in Shadow sets. They're light and airy; the perfect gear for any Summer /party... and that Sweet Sakura Fox pet is a-DAWWWW-rable!  This weekend, find both sets in your Featured Gear Shop.*

Cherry Blossom Fairy Set

Soft as snow, yet bright as spring. Dance alongside the graceful bloom and fall of cherry blossom petals. 

  • Cherry Blossom Fairy armor
  • Sakura Petal hair helms
  • Sakura Petal + Shades helms
  • Bright Blossom Wings cape
  • Sparkling Sakura Sprites cape
  • Sparkling Blossom Wings cape
  • Spirit of the Sakura Blossom gauntlet
  • Sweet Sakura Petal Fox pet
  • Scent of Sakura wand
  • Sweet Sakura Perfume Bottle mace (single and dual wield)

The seasonal Cherry Blossom Sakura set will be available every Summer. This year, it will stay in-game until our Summer events are removed. 

Sakura Fairy in Shadow Set

Night falls and the regal dance of the sakura continues on a moonless night. Though no one might be there to see, it doesn't make them any less beautiful.

  • Sakura Fairy in Shadow armor
  • Shadow Sakura Blossom Morph helms (male and female)
  • Shadow Blossom Wings cape
  • Magical Midnight Sprites cape
  • Magical Midnight Blossom Wings cape
  • Spirit of the Shadow Sakura gauntlet
  • Shadows of Sakura Fox pet

The rare Sakura Fairy in Shadow set will be available until our Summer events are removed. Then it will go rare forever.

Image Note: The Sweet Sakura and Magical Midnight Sakura wands shown in the image above will arrive this weekend as rare Daily Login Gifts.

Still Available: Celestial Templar Guardian

If you're a hero dedicated to battling the darkness and whatever waits deep below the waves, this is the blindingly-bright set for you! 

Celestial Templar Guardian

Sworn to protect and serve, the Celestial Templar Guardians will defend any who seek refuge from the terrors that lurk in the Shadows.

  • Celestial Templar Guardian armor
  • Ascended + regular Aegis of Light Wings
  • 3 helms
  • Battle Staff of Strength
  • Bright Glaive of Guardianship
  • Purified Accoutrements of Protection
  • Bright Blade of Protection (single + dual-wield)

Find the Celestial Templar Guardian set in your Featured Gear Shop until June 30th, 2023.

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