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Class + PVP Patch Notes

Alina | Friday, August 13, 2021

ShadowWalker/Stalker/Weaver of Time Class Changes

ShadowWalker greatly undershot our balance goals last week so we’re giving it a bit more love. These changes should bring scaling back to its Umbral Stigma DoT while also keeping its power level under control in groups. We’ve also made some adjustments to allow for better ease of use.

Passive - Shadows of Time:

- Now increases outgoing damage by 100%
- Now unlocks at rank 4 

Passive - Harbinger of Shadows:
- Now unlocks at rank 10

Rift of Shadows:
- Base damage decreased
- Cooldown: 1.5 seconds > 1.2 seconds
- Chaos Rift duration: 4 seconds > 8 seconds

- Base damage decreased
- Exude DoT damage decreased
- Devour HoT amount decreased

Vendetta/Umbral Stigma:
- Base damage increased
- Umbral Stigma DoT damage reduced
- Mana Cost: 20 > 30
Silhouette/Shadow Warp
- Base damage decreased
- Health Cost self DoT damage decreased

Temporal Eclipse:
- Turbulent Rift no longer increases damage taken

New BludrutBrawl-style map: /bludrutpvp

We're working on some improvements to PVP, and first stage is testing out a new pvp map. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Special rules: 

- Monsters have 100x their normal HP 
- When monsters die, no score is added, and round does not end

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