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Game News: June 10 - 16

Alina | Friday, June 14, 2024

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Summer's here, and our weekly release schedule is heating up! Stay up to date with details on the new releases, server boosts, daily login gifts, art previews, balance updates, and more in this week's game digest post. 

Monday, June 9: Infinity Tech Demo #4 News

Artix announced a new tech demo test for AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity is coming this week. We will be testing the converted armors and... an experimental new combat system which does not use auto attack nor targeting.  AQWorlds: Infinity is going to test the experimental new combat system w/ DragonSlayer. Stay up to date at 

Tuesday, June 10: Fishy Sword & Fresh Updates

Our Tuesday update is not all! Battle the River Fishman in /greenguardwest for a chance to get the 0 AC Fishy Sword. Plus, we'd updated and adjusted a number of old maps, quests, and items to make them more enjoyable for everyone.

First caught in 2012, it was only ever available as the Fishy Sword and Shield dual-wield weapon in the Fishing Gear Shop. Newer heroes will need to combine the Fishy Sword drop with Fishin' Chips to create the Fishy Sword and Shield.

Additional Updates

Based on your feedback across various platforms, we've made a few quality of life updates to older maps & items.

Raxgore Shortcut: if you've beaten all of the quests* in /doomvaultb, you'll now have a much faster way to go straight to Raxgore. You'll see a button that will take you to the bttle frame.

Valencia /Eventhub Update: 

  • Hollow Treasure Hunt button added
  • Stars added to hunts to help communicate difficulty
  • Rose Rapiers quest updated and rebalanced

Darkon House Item Stacks Increased

  • Pizza: x1 > x8 
  • Re / Fa / La / Mi's Bean Bags: x1 > x4 
  • Drumsticks: x1 > x6 
  • Suki's Bookcase, Bed, Armorstand: x1 > x6 
  • Astravian Rug, Bookcase: x1 > x6 
  • Astravian Turret I + II: x1 x6 
  • Astravia's Air Defense I + II: x1 > x6 
  • Juror #1 / #2 / #3 / #4: x1 > x22

In our quest to give all you nostalgia-lovers more of what you're after, we've been digging through old, unreleased item files and looking at player feedback for art (like NPCs/monsters/gear) from other AE games we can release in AQWorlds and man... today's planning call was full of meaty ideas and good memories.

Next week's call will be dedicated to reviewing a five-page doc covering specific feedback about the last year of midweek updates so future additions can bring you even more of what you want to see!

* Except the Ultra Raxgore quest

Wednesday, June 12: Summer Art Preview

Loremasters have been getting a lot of 🩷 from the community this year. But even hardcore archivists need to get out and touch sand sometimes. That's why we chose to create a swimsuit set for LoreMaster Muusa this year. Coming to AQWorlds this summer!

Posted on Twitter @alina_ae

Thursday, June 13: Dark Spirit Orbs Boost

Get triple rewards as you battle to create Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor until June 19th.

Dark Spirit Orb Quests:

  • Dark Spirit Orbs
  • Penny For Your Fought quests

Get x15, x30, x45 or x60 Dark Spirit Orbs while the boost is on!
(Regular reward quantity: x5, x10, x15, or x20)

Log in each day for a new reward, bonus, or resource boost at

Friday, June 14: Update Details

Read on for news about this weekend's new updates!

New Game Release

Main Story: new update in the Cold Thunder Saga
New rewards: Skye Rogue armor sets
Holiday Event: Father's Day of Doom maps + gear return
Featured Gear sets: color-custom Skye Rogue + Animeme Items

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

Server Boost: double Rep
Saturday: Sus moglin helms from the Baconcatzard in /eventhub
Sunday: Father's Day of DOOM maces from GleebleGlarble in the /nursery

Leaving This Friday


Rare Daily Login Gifts

  • June 22: Silver Skye drops from Warden Indradeep in CastleEblana
  • June 22: Sacred Forest Scythe from Forest Guardian in /fableforest

Stay up to date with new release plans and boosts on the Artix Calendar.

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