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AQW GIF Contest Winners Announced!

Beleen | Tuesday, November 14, 2023

GIFs are the gifts that keep on giving! Join us in celebrating our 40 winners of AQW's GIF contest!

Greetings, adventurers! The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived! After weeks of fierce competition, creativity, and anticipation, we are thrilled to announce the winners of our "Create a GIF Contest" in honor of AQW’s 15th birthday.

No surprise here, but our community went above and beyond and embraced the challenge, sharing their passion and love for our game through awesome GIFs. These little animated marvels captured the heart and soul of our beloved world (and one entry even brought a tear to our eye!). Although it was hard narrowing down our favorites – since there were over 300 entries, ermahgerd! – the judging panel has tallied all the scores, and now comes the time to reveal the winners.

Note: as I was uploading all the GIFs, the page load speed slowed to a standstill! So we are moving the additional winners to a Google Drive folder :)

Note 2: Some of our winners already had the Birthday Collection Chest, so they can instead gift the extra chest to a friend, another AQW account, or receive 10,000 ACs! For those winners, please send us a ticket here, select AQWorlds, and then under Help Category, select "other issue" and tell us which gifting option you'd like.

And now... meet your winners!

🌟 First Place Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to Red Sugar for your SWEET work! You left the judges in awe (and in giggles) with your beautifully illustrated GIF that transformed Cysero into a heccin’ handsome GigaChad. Today you take home 5,000 AdventureCoins, a Birthday Collection Chest worth 10,000 ACs, and the Contest Winner Character Page Badge! Such a spectacular job well done, Red Sugar


🥈 Second Place Winners



We couldn’t pick just one 2nd place winner… so we chose 5! In second place, we have Blutengel, Ziepitis, BeeShoe, Alvaro do AQW, and Adrian Tap who wowed us all with their captivating GIFs. The creativity, emotion, and humor captured within these GIFs are truly remarkable. For their incredible efforts, each 2nd Place Winner receives 2,500 ACs and a Birthday Collection Chest! 


🥉 Third Place Winners


Y’all are just too talented – it’s nearly impossible to choose winners when you all are all so GIFted :D Join me in congratulating our five 3rd place winners: Skyper, Ra_43, Rend4, TheLastWizard2, and Nutrone! For their accomplishments, each will be awarded 1,000 ACs and a Birthday Collection Chest! 

🎁 Runner Ups 

We love all these special GIFs too, and you can see them all in the Google Folder here! Let’s give a round of applause to all our Runner Ups, who will each get a Birthday Collection Chest. Congratz Chaotic Jinx, Falz, Felixposea2010, Coreens, Arek Poeding, Jae Jin, Yaleena, Vukun, Deus Da Gherra, and Plumy!

💫 Honorable Mentions and Special Recognition

And now let’s take a moment to recognize the following GIFs. These placed in their own special categories that we totally made up on the spot. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do, since GIFs are gifts that keep on giving!    

“Warm Birthday Wishes”
So many amazing birthday wishes – thank you Bhoom, Manor, Mechamasterman, Darth Mun, Fahri Tetap Fahri, Spartannblade, jkor, Zenshin, and Lucifer! Befitting of AQW’s 15th birthday, we hope you enjoy 1500 ACs each!

“Surprised Twilly Showdown”
Which Twilly wore it better? Players Dieandgo and Sun Bun created such wonderful parodies of the Surprised Pikachu meme that we just couldn’t pick our favorite. So instead we’re giving both 1,000 ACs! 

“Punt Twilly”
Poor, poor Twilly. We’re giving Forgna Greenmane and Cmed 1,000 ACs to help cover moglin medical bills.

“Mondays, am I right?”
If Mondays are rough... Tuesdays are terrific! Especially this Tuesday since we're awarding Kisano and Kaidou with 500 ACs!

“Got that Feeling”
Looking for a GIF that’ll convey how you’re feeling? These GIFs got you covered. And we got Mjukt, Sans, and Zollie covered with 500 ACs.

“Gigachad Strikes Again”

Apparently 2023 is the Year of the Chad! This hilarious – and anatomically accurate – GIF of an AQW GigaChad has had us laughing for far too long. This GIF was created by Chattis, who also entered the following GIF deserving its own special recognition:

“Still Too Soon”

Last but not least, this GIF legit brought tears to our eyes. It’s still too soon to joke about Cysero, but this Nileseyy Niles Disappears meme parody perfectly captures the emotions felt by seasoned players and staff members alike. And so, since these two GIFs succeeded in making us laugh AND then cry simultaneously, we’re awarding Chattis with 5,000 ACs and a Birthday Collection Chest too!

🥳 GIF, GIF, Hooray

Congratulations to all our winners! Their creativity and dedication have made AQW’S 15th birthday celebration truly special. And we want to take a moment to acknowledge all the submissions from our remarkable community. Even if your GIF didn’t get a prize, please know that your contributions have enriched AQW’s birthday and our lives, and we're so grateful for your participation! 

I hope you know this by now, but the main reason AQW is so wonderful is because of amazing players like YOU!

So join me as we give an animated round of applause to all our winners! AQW has celebrated 15 amazing years, and this GIF contest reminded us all of the incredible journey we've embarked on together all this time. Your support, enthusiasm, and creativity continue to shape our world and make it a place of adventure, magic, and, perhaps most importantly of all… friendship.

Aaaaand apparently Gigachads too, tehehee!

Thank you all for being a part of our incredible community, and thank you for joining us for AQW’s 15th Birthday bash. Fifteen cheers to many more years of unforgettable quests and epic adventures! 

Happy Birthday AQW, and battle on!
Beleen, Yoshino, the judges, and the AQW team

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