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Hollowborn TreasureHunter & New Boss Drops

Alina | Friday, June 28, 2024

Shadows, Phoenixes, and Unicorn Treasures OH MY

This weekend, log into AQWorlds for an adventure through the shadows as we celebrate the real-life birthday of AQWorlds artist, Lae! The Mysterious Figure is waiting for you now in the ShadowRealm with a cryptic artifact and a new Hollowborn Faction adventure. The disturbingly-sentient helmet next to him is the source of the whispers you've been hearing. Decipher its cryptic mutters to begin a series of quests which may lead to a deadly trap… or great treasure!

New game release

  • Hollowborn TreaureHunt: Talk to the Mysterious Figure in the /shadowrealm*
  • New rewards: follow the clues to find dark gear
  • SunsetRidge Boss: level 60 Phoenix with new Golden Firebird drops
  • Pastelia Mob: battle Rainbrutalcorn to collect all his unicorn drops
  • Balemorale Update: farm the White Rose Bush to collect 6 new 0 AC house items
  • Featured Gear: Dreambound Unicorn blades + scythe
  • Summer Collection Update: 40+ new rare items

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: double Gold, XP, Rep, and Class Points
  • Saturday drops: rare Dreambound Unicorn Toys from Rainbrutalcorn in /Pastelia
  • Sunday drops: rare Rose Bush + Friends Pet and House Item from the Rose Bush in /Balemorale

Note: the level 45+ lock on the ShadowRealm map has been removed. Happy Shadow Hunting!

Lae's Dark Birthday Treasures

Complete this weekend's treasurehunt successfully and you'll find yourself staring at a mound of treasure and a merge shop owned by an inquisitive (and acquisitive) new friend. With luck and skill, you'll be able to collect the items you need to craft all of this week's dark reward gear! 

Hollowborn Bodyguard Set*

  • Armor + Helm
  • Fists + Claws gauntlets
  • Pet + BattlePet

Hollowborn TreasureHunter set*

  • Armor + Helm
  • Necklace Mace (single + dual-wield)
  • Pedestal of Lazure floor item

Mysterious Drops (Location ???)

  • Is that a... pile of something? (Floor Item)
  • I'm not even sure WHAT that is... Looks pretty tough, though. (Floor Item)
  • A skull? Sure. Ok. Makes sense. (Pet)
  • Maybe other surprises?! O_O 

* All of the Hollowborn gear is color-customizable to your eye color.

Existing Zone Expansions

We've updated a few maps to add new monsters or adjust existing bosses... and added even more rewards! 

Sunsetdunes Update

  • Level 85 Anqa boss renamed to "Firebird Anqa"
  • Changed the dialogue of the "Anqa al-Mughrib" quest
  • Merge Shop addition: Firebird's Fury Poleaxe + Firebird's Fury Greataxe

New Sunsetridge Map

  • New map: /sunsetridge
  • New monster: Level 60 version of the Anqa boss
  • New quest: "The Immortal Firebird." Defeat Anqa for a chance to get Anqa's Ashes. Rewards: Anqa's Feather x1
  • New drops: Golden Firebird's Poleaxe + Golden Firebird's Great Axe

Balemorale Castle Update

  • New monster: Rose Bush
  • New drops: Red, Pink, White, Yellow, Orange, Purple Rose Bush floor items. (Each stacks up to x6)

Pastelia Update

  • New monster: Rainbrutalcorn monster
  • New drops: Dreambound Unicorn wand, staff, plushies, puppet gauntlet

Have you explored the Hollowborn Faction yet?

A faction of warriors (or creatures?... or both?!) exists among the shadows of that dark realm. Known only as the Hollowborn, they appear to be lead by man named Lae. We do not know much about him... Yet. If you aren't familiar with them, find Kaselbel in the /shadowrealm and complete her quests to earn Hollowborn Rep and to unlock dark rewards in the merge shop. 

  • Hollowborn Thunderlord armor set
  • Hollowborn Vampire armor set
  • and more gear to come in the future

Once you find the enigmatic Lae, if you can convince him to talk, he'll tell you of a deep, dark fortress. Travel there and you'll find a series of quests that only the highest leveled heroes should begin. Complete them to unlock the exclusive Hollowborn Paladin armor set.

Events + Gear Leaving Soon

Summer's heating up, and so are our weekly game releases! Check out the June release calendar to see what's happening and when things leave so you don't miss a moment, a battle, or a limited time reward. 

July 1: 

  • Purrito Kitten pet drop from the Doom Kitten in /DoomKitten
  • Dark World Hourglass drop from The Sun in /AstraviaCastle
  • Cold Steel weapon drops from Warden Indradeep in /Castleeblana 
  • Hockey Gear from the mobs in /IcestormArena

July 2: Sheathed Blame Blades from Dage in /Siegefortress

July 22: Radical Kidz Sticker items from Sneeviltron in /boxes

July 24: Sweatshirt Daimyo, Black  + Pink Battle Puppies from Undead Artix in /Overworld

July 30: Sepulchure's MEGA Doom Maces from GleebleGlarble in /Nursery

July 31: 

  • This weekend's login gifts 
  • Lae's seasonal birthday drops on the Shadow Lord in /shadowrealm

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