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August Event Calendar

Alina | Thursday, August 5, 2021

Upcoming Game Events: August 2021

Defeat the darkness... or embrace it! Our quest to defeat Malgor, leader of the ShadowFlame continues this month. Plus, Aurelio Voltaire returns with an all-new urban legend in this year's only Friday the 13th event and we continue Darkon's saga of insanity. Join us for dark tales, deadly boss fights, and wicked new rare and reward items.

August 1 August Seasonal Set returns: Urban Assassin Seasonal Set

August 6 Return to Nusantara: Kala Bakaru story + challenge boss
               ShadowFire Lord upgrade bonus set
               Featured Gear Shop: Singapore cultural homage set

August 13 Aurelio Voltaire returns in Friday the 13th: The Legend of DeadFly x3
                 Event Rares Shop

August 20 Shadows of War: Elemental Plane of Fire, Pt 5
                 Featured Gear Shop: Anime Inspiration sets

August 27 Darkon's Saga, Part 4 
                 Featured Gear Shop: Back to School Casual sets
                 Treasure Chest quest + Wheel of Doom Merge Shop

August 31 Last call for August Seasonal Set + daily drops

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