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Talk Like a Pirate Day Poll

Alina | Sunday, June 27, 2021

Septemb-ARRRR is coming soon, and so is our Pirate event

Our Talk Like a Pirate Day holiday event arrives in September, but our artists are starting to brainstorm rewards now. Help choose one of the Naval Commander sets coming in this year's event by voting for one of the designs above in this Twitter poll!

  • Option A: Bonebreaker
  • Option B: Duality
  • Option C: Infernal
  • Option D: Vindicator

Time for another Pirate Set Design Contest?

Talk Like a Pirate Day poll #2! It's been a few years since our last Naval Commander and Pirate Captain design contest. Each category's winning design would be created and added in-game.

Would you participate? Tell us by replying to this poll post on Twitter.

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