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Now Available: Venomous Fang Blade

Alina | Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Fiendish Weapon Hunt & Nulgath Updates

Every day you log in to AdventureQuest Worlds, there's a new server boost, item reward drop, or activity for you to enjoy. Our main game updates go live on Friday nights, but to help you get your game on all week long, we've added an additional midweek mini-release to our schedule. Our team gets to be even more creative and YOU get even more rewards. It is win-win! 

January 16th || Fiendish Weapon Pt 2

Log in now and head to the /underworld. Talk to Klunk in the /Underworld for his newest 0 AC rare weapon: the Molten DragonSpear of Nulgath. But treasure like this isn't cheap! To craft the 0 AC rare Molten DragonSpear of Nulgath, you'll need:

  • 5 War-Torn Memorabilia
  • 200 Nulgath's Approval
  • 200 ArchFiend's Favor
  • 20 DragonScale

The polearm will be available in Nulgath's Diamond Merge Shop until Friday, February 9th!

January 9th || Fiendish Weapon Pt 1

We're celebrating Nulgath the ArchFiend's birthday this month with a frenzy of gear fit for the ArchFiend's favorite hero. Log in now and talk to Valencia in the Museum to begin your hunt for the first Venomous Fang Blade. You'll need it to craft the 0 AC, animated Envenomed Edge of Nulgath arriving with this Friday's update! 

Star Rating Difficulty Guide

To help you better gauge the type, length, and difficulty of our mid-week updates, last year we added Star Ratings (like you see on monsters)

  • 1 star: Pretty simple. Most players should be able to finish this with little to no issue. 
  • 2 star: Slightly more complex. It might take looking up a clue or two on the wiki, or talking to friends. 
  • 3 star: Somewhat complex. These may have a ciper or a multi-step clue to solve. 
  • 4 star: Complex. Tough clues, 1 or 2 unique clue locations, and may be level-locked. 
  • 5 star: Very complex. Very difficult clues, multiple unique clue locations, will likely require heroes to show/hide the UI, check background art, and may require some monster farming.

Thank you to everyone that has been logging in, enjoying, and sharing your thoughts on the last few months of mid-week treasure hunts and updates. We'll continue to evolve our mid-week updates based on your feedback!

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