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New Mid-Week Updates

Alina | Sunday, August 6, 2023

Why wait until Friday? Play now for more reward gear!

AdventureQuest Worlds updates every Friday, adding new monsters, quests, and rewards. On Saturdays and Sundays, even more item rewards are added for you to collect. But now... we've added an extra Tuesday mini-release to our game schedule.  Our team gets to be even more creative and YOU get even more rewards. It is win-win! 

Game plan evolving

Thank you to everyone that has been logging in, enjoying, and sharing your thoughts on the last few months of mid-week treasure hunts and updates. After reviewing your most recent feedback, we are:

  • Expanding the scope, objective, and length beyond normal treasure hunts
  • Adding a star-rating to help you gauge difficulty/complexity

August 1st || Primaris Paladin Set

The summer sun is still shining brightly, but that doesn't mean you can just sit back and /rest... coming later today: a full new set of paladin-themed gear waiting for you in the Titan Attack merge shop! Plus, battle the Titanic Paladin in the /titanstrike or /titanattack maps through Thursday, August 31st for the chance to get your rare 0 AC cape.

Aside from the banner cape monster drop, the entire armor set in the merge shop will be permanently available. 

July 25th || Cantata: The Quest

If collecting new gear is your forte, talk to Valencia in the /Museum map. Then get ready to move(ment) through a multi-part hunt for a new 0 AC house item. You can create up to 5 more by re-playing the hunt or by merging leftover bonepicks from from last week's Concert Event. 
This hunt and its reward will be permanently available. 

July 18th || Geode Gauntlets

Talk to Valencia in the /Summerhub map. Talk to Valencia in the /Summerhub map for more information on how to begin your quest for these SMASHING new 0 AC Geode Gauntlets!

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