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New Quests Now Available

Alina | Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Why wait until Friday? New Quests in Lolosia are Now Available!

Yarrrr! We be preparin' fer Talk Like a Pirate Day by expandin' one of th' most-loved maps in-game: Lolosia! /Join Pirates and talk to Lucia, outside the Deep Trobble Inn. She has new quests for you; finish them and she'll reward you with two new weapons!* 

Then return next Tuesday for a few new seasonal quests w' even MORE loot, includin' a merge shop that'll enchant one o' this week's rewards!

* That there description of the "Here There Be Dragons" scythe looks right interestin'... O_O

September 5th || Infernal Slayer Blade

As his warriors prepare to open the new Infernal Arena in the Celestial Realm, Aranx created a short Treasure Hunt for you! Talk to Valencia in the /museum map to begin your quest to unlock the 0 AC Infernal Slayer Blade! 
Quests + rewards are permanently available.

August 29th || Lost Guardian Blade 2

The Guardians who watch over the tower in Battleon are famous throughout Lore, with a history going back for years upon years. Grizzled veterans tell tales to new recruits of the strongest and bravest among them, filling their heads with dreams of glory and visions of bright blades flashing in the sunlight. Talk to Valencia in the /museum to begin a series of quests to reforge a blade by one of these lost, legendary guardians!
Quests + reward are permanently available.

And don't miss part 1 of our "Treasure Hunt Tutorial" quest line from August 15th, starting with the Shattered Guardian Sword wall item.

August 22th || Cursed Wazikashi Pet

Skilled Forgemasters are welcome throughout Yokai Isle. But a nefarious magical spell was placed on this blade, and it is terrorizing the villagers in the forests around Akiba. Talk to Valencia in the /museum map to begin the quest to find this wicked weapon, tame it, and claim it as a pet of your own! 
Quests + reward will be available until September 15th.

Mid-week update Details

AdventureQuest Worlds updates every Friday, adding new monsters, quests, and rewards. On Saturdays and Sundays, even more item rewards are added for you to collect. But now... we've added an extra Tuesday mini-release to our game schedule. Our team gets to be even more creative and YOU get even more rewards. It is win-win! 

Mid-week updates may include:

  • Treasure Hunts using riddles, ciphers, and clues to find new gear
  • Adding new quests or rewards to already-released areas
  • Adding new reward gear to existing shops, merge shops, and monsters

To help you better gauge the type, length, and difficulty of our mid-week updates, we're adding Star Ratings (like you see on monsters)

  • 1 star: Pretty simple. Most players should be able to finish this with little to no issue. 
  • 2 star: Slightly more complex. It might take looking up a clue or two on the wiki, or talking to friends. 
  • 3 star: Somewhat complex. These may have a ciper or a multi-step clue to solve. 
  • 4 star: Complex. Tough clues, 1 or 2 unique clue locations, and may be level-locked. 
  • 5 star: Very complex. Very difficult clues, multiple unique clue locations, will likely require heroes to show/hide the UI, check background art, and may require some monster farming.

Thank you to everyone that has been logging in, enjoying, and sharing your thoughts on the last few months of mid-week treasure hunts and updates. We'll continue to evolve our mid-week updates based on your feedback!

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