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Now Available: Thorny Treasure Hunt

Alina | Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Defeat the Zard. Decipher the Clue. Find the Prize.

Every day you log in to AdventureQuest Worlds, there's a new server boost, item reward drop, or activity for you to enjoy. One of our more recent additions to the activity lineup are the treasure hunts. 

How to Begin Your Treasure Hunt

  1. Battle a monster or complete a quest to begin your hunt
  2. Read + decipher the clues to figure out how to unlock the reward/s
  3. Battle until you've collected all your new free item rewards

June 20th || Hunt #15: Thorny Treasure Hunt

Talk to Valencia in the /Summerhub map. Complete her quests to reap two new 0 AC seasonal rewards: the Rose Rapiers of Reaping. Her quests + rewards will be available through June 30th, then will return next year.

Treasure Hunt Trivia

  1. June is the month of roses, which is why these rewards were chosen.
  2. This is the first time we're working with AE community member Caddeus, who inspired me with the crazy intricate and creative hunts he created for the AQW and AQ3D communities.

Still available: Hunt #14: Natural Treasure

Defeat the Frogzard in /battleontown to get the Au Naturel clue! Use the information it contains to find the monster that drops your 4 new seasonal house item rewards. Clue + rewards will be available through June 26th.

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