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Now Available: New Treasure Hunt

Alina | Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Defeat the Zard. Decipher the Clue. Find the Prize.

Recently, we've been making some changes to the daily login gift lineup based on your feedback. One of the new additions is weekly treasure hunts.

  1. Battle the Frogzard in /battleontown to get the clue 
  2. Read + decipher the clue to figure out where the rewards are
  3. Head to the monster you THINK has the new 0 AC rare drops and battle for a chance to get them

June 6th || Hunt #13: Sweet Treats

Defeat the Frogzard in /battleontown to get the Blurred Note. Use the information it contains to lead you to the second clue, which will show you where to go for your reward. Will it be easy? It depends on where you look. The clue + reward will be available will be available through June 19th.

Still available: Hunt #12: Buried Treasure

Defeat the Frogzard in /battleontown to get the Rotting Root Clue. Use the hint to figure out WHERE your treasures are buried... then get ready to dig up your 2 new rare 0 AC items. The clue + reward will be available will be available through June 12th.

Note: You don't need to have the clue in your inventory or bank in order to get the reward drop from the monster.

If you learn where it is from a friend, a video, or the wiki, that's also fine! Getting the clue just adds to the fun of the hunt for those who want the extra challenge.

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