Arena at the Edge of Time: Beyond the Stars!

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Arena at the Edge of Time: Beyond the Stars!

Dove | Friday, July 5, 2024

Hey there, heroes!

This week, a new board has appeared at the Arena at the Edge of Time! Get ready to take on foes from Beyond the Stars!

The first challenge is a multi-layered random dungeon, The Lost Constellation! Gather stardust, defeat foes, and avoid traps as you travel deeper into this mysterious nebula of Ateala legend!

If you can find your way through and find what awaits, collecting all the weapon shards along the way, you can reforge your very own Blinding Starlight of Destiny!

Also this week, Surf's Up! July Summer Seasonal Dragon Coin specials are here!

The new Summer's Wave cosmetic gear has arrived, along with previous years' specials

Check them out in the book of Lore before they leave!

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