Artists of Artix // 1st NFT Art Drop

Artix Krieger | Friday, April 16, 2021

Artists of Artix // 1st NFT Art Drop

Popular artists from Artix Entertainment video games including Dage, J6, Thyton, & and Darkon have formed a collective to sell their personal and professional art. Their very first NFT art just dropped on Opensea... two have already been sold.


Artist Collective

When the NFT craze started a few weeks ago, artists asked if they could post and promote their personal works and their previously created professional work. We got together and decided the best way to do this, was the same way we do everything.... together. Thus, the Artix Artist Collective was formed. Check out the new curated gallery of digital art on OpenSea.

What is an NFT?

Shortest answer? It is pretty much just a graphic (digitally autographed by the artist.)
The big difference is, this graphic lives on the freaking block chain... which we don't own nor control it. So if you buy one, it is really, truly yours.

Why would anyone buy an NFT?

Buying an artist's work through this gallery is the only way to obtain their rare, valuable personal pieces. It also allows you to support your favorite game artists directly. These are NFTs (non-fungible tokens) so each is...

  • Unique
  • Tradeable
  • Re-sellable
  • They have the potential to do "something special" in the future
  • You actually own it (The same way you would own a rare Pokemon Card)

Wait, can't I just take a screenshot of it?

Yeah, you can. And you should. Because the art these artists create is amazing. In this line of thinking, you can also take a picture of the Mona Lisa with your camera. But that is not the same as actually being the owner of the Mona Lisa. When you buy an NFT, it is like having the painting on your digital wall.

"Lion" by Darkon

Limited Quantity

Some art will be one-of-a-kind, some will be limited quantity (example: 1 out of 5). Typically, prices of artwork will start low and increase with each additional one purchased.

Reality Check

Buy NFTs if you love the artist's work and want to support them. But know that if you don't buy one you will probably be cursed like in the movie The Ring, in which case the only way to cure the curse is to send this page to a friend. (Kidding XD) Seriously though, NFT art is just pixels... do not get caught up in the craze and the FOMO (Fear of missing out).  If you feel a price is too high, you can always make an offer and the curator of our gallery will pass it on to the artist.

Our vision of the future

Artix believes that, in the future, everything will include an NFT. From your concert ticket to your plastic cup of soft drink... everything will come with a digital souvenir. But simply having a collectable is not enough. It needs to "do something special" to have real value. That is why we have been future proofing our NFTs in a way that will give us the opportunity to add some sort of special ability in select Artix video games in the future. Whether it is the ability to hang the art on the wall of your house in-game, or the ability to control an item or a character-- the possibilities are exciting.

Of course, we have already been doing this for over a decade. If you have ever bought something from, you already know it comes with an in-game code that unlocks a cool item in an Artix Entertainment video game.

Also, it is important to note that once an NFT is sold, we no longer control it... you do. This is because the NFT does not live on our game network, it lives out there... on the Ethereum block chain. Which means you can display it, sell it, or do whatever you would do with any rare collectible.

We are currently in the wild wild west of a brand new (and very strange) digital frontier.


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