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August 2019 Event Calendar

Alina | Friday, June 26, 2020

The Spirits Walk in Yokai Isle

Our quest to defeat Malgor, leader of the ShadowFlame continues in August! Prepare to battle yokai, embrace the power of the Mitama of Light and Darkness, and seek the assistance of Mahou the Spirit Liason. Plus, join us for a super-secret special event!

August 1 
Seasonal Set Pack: Real-World Street Gear

August 2: 
Infernal Yokai Boss Challenge Fight
Yokai Isle Mitama upgrade bonus gear

August 9: Super-secret special set-up update

August 16: Red X's Mogdring the Harvester event (Kickstarter backer)

August 23: 
Shadows of War: Mahou the Spirit Liaison I
Featured Gear: Pop-star armor set

August 30: Shadows of War: Mahou the Spirit Liaison II

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