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Azrael's Guardian Unleashed

Nightwraith | Friday, April 26, 2024

Azrael's Guardian Unleashed

For the first time in a LONG time, a new boss has emerged from the Time Fortress to challenge EpicDuel's most elite players. Borne from the blood of Azrael, this Guardian seeks vengeance on those who tormented the solitude of his master. This boss hungers for blood so challenging him will be a constant battle to prevent him from stealing your own life essence for his own.

The following are the new boss drop items + their drop rates. Remember that boss drop percentages are on a per battle basis, meaning if you defeat the boss 4 times to get an item with a 25% drop rate, you aren't guaranteed to receive that drop. This always creates confusion with people writing bugs reports about NPC drops so I feel I need to clarify it again here.

Azrael's Guardian (Normal)

  • Azrael's Cavalier Executioner P (25%)
  • Azrael's Cavalier Executioner E (25%)
  • Azrael's Cavalier Executioner CC P (15%)
  • Azrael's Cavalier Executioner CC E (15%)

Nightmare Azrael's Guardian

  • Azrael's Cavalier Exsanguinator P (35%)
  • Azrael's Cavalier Exsanguinator E (35%)
  • Azrael's Cavalier Exsanguinator CC P (25%)
  • Azrael's Cavalier Exsanguinator CC E (25%)

Since this is the first new superboss in a long while, if you are among the first to defeat Azrael's Guardian or his Nightmare variant, you will be manually awarded a special achievement upon the next update!


Balance Changes / Fixes

  • Skills:
    • Nanotech Shield: +2% to all levels (12% max)
    • Static Charge: Removed Technology requirement
    • Fireball: +20 energy cost to all levels (max 240)
    • Reactive Armor: Requires Dexterity —> Technology
    • Necrotek Bot Special: Correctly calculates health gain vs. Rage. Was previously rounding to either 0 or 100% Rage when calculating how much HP to restore. Rounding may cause max HP restore to exceed 300 slightly when used on NPCs because they have 0 Rage by default.
  • Cores:
    • Salvage: 110% --> 100% damage
    • Sea King's Spirit: 100 —> 150 initial energy gain
    • Darkeater’s Adjudication/Pacify/Convergent Exsanguination: 100% —> 50% Rage drain; 5 —> 3 turn duration
  • Arcade Token drop rates: 100% for 1v1/2v2; 50% for jugg
  • Arcade Token cost: 100 --> 50 for x10; 15 --> 7 for single


Cyber Wolf Morphs

Everyone who achieved over a 150,000 Gifting score in the most recent Gifting season has now received the Cyber Wolf Morph and the Cyber Wolf Morph CC.

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