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Azrael's Scorn Battlepass is LIVE!

Nightwraith | Saturday, February 11, 2023

Azrael's Scorn Battlepass is LIVE! Login now to collect the latest collection of Azrael-themed weapons, armors, vehicles, morphs, bots, cores, and more crafted with care by Bido and Acatriel!

This latest Battlepass is scheduled to last from today to March 19th!

This new season introduces some changes to ease the rate of progression through the Battlepass' prize levels:

  • 10 daily and weekly challenges, up from 7.
  • Slightly increased BXP earned from many PvP challenges.
  • To prevent PvP overload, slightly increased chance of NPC challenges. 

Good luck and happy dueling to reach level 60 of EpicDuel's latest Battlepass season!


Golden Omega Ticket

For consistency, we've awarded a Golden Omega Ticket achievement to all qualifying players. Since the original ticket was a sellable item, we can't track strictly by the item. We've had to broaden the criteria to include anyone who purchased a 10,000 AP package between 12/20/2012 and 2/5/2013. These criteria may include characters attached to accounts that made the purchase, but wouldn't normally qualify for the ticket since Varium purchases are character based. In this case, it was the only option to award the achievement based on the data available.


Achievement Expansion

To declutter the achievement interface a bit, we added a new category of Achievements: Events. This will include limited-time events such as Battlepasses, Tournaments, and Gifting.

While you're browsing the new Achievement interface, you might want to note that the Big Game LVII achievement is available from the Seasonal section!


In Progress

Since the Battlepass is now live, we are moving full speed ahead on converting ED's interface and myriad backgrounds to the new expanded resolution!


Going Soon!

This Tuesday we will reset all seasonal rares to their normal restock times. Additionally, we will be removing the Bido, Dage, and Nulgath drops from the PvP and NPC drop pools.


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