Bart, The Moglin Alchemist

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Bart, The Moglin Alchemist

Dove | Friday, January 21, 2022

Hey there, heroes!

This week, we have a few short quests for you from a new character in Book 3 Dragonsgrasp!

Bart is looking for some help with his task of finding a solution to the Northlands' fungal problems, and you're just the hero he's looking for! Are you ready to be the best research assistant a moglin could ask for? Head over to Book 3 Dragonsgrasp to pay a visit to Bart, the moglin alchemist!

Also this week, the new Dragon Coin package is here!

The Phoenix Helion package is now available! A $9.95 2000 Dragon Coin package, it also comes with the Phoenix Helion Helm, Wings, and Scythe! These items can be upgraded at the Black Market Moglin.

Finally, here's a little preview of the upcoming Bardepoch artifact! This is still a work in progress, and most of the colors will be color custom!

And that's everything for this week! Next week, we head back to Reimagined Book 3...

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