BattleOn Inn Update + Golden Giftboxes

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BattleOn Inn Update + Golden Giftboxes

Hollow | Saturday, June 1, 2019

BattleOn Inn:
The BattleOn Inn gets some fresh paint as AQ makes preparations for the massive Crafting update planned for 2019! You will also notice Robina Hood is no longer at the Inn and all of her quests have been moved to her Ranged Shop in BattleOn.

Limited-Time Shop:
Don't miss the returning Lunar Eclipse Shield to commemorate the coming lunar eclipse! By clicking on it you can unleash a blast of Darkness that will leave your foe blinded. Only available for 1 week then leaves until the next Lunar Eclipse.

January Golden Giftboxes:
With crafting coming to AQ, Yulgar will be working serious overtime. So we have added the mighty Blacksmith Armor and Hammer for those looking to become their own Masters of the Forge!

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