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Battlepass Online!

Nightwraith | Friday, October 28, 2022

Battlepass Online!

We're commemorating AE's 20th anniversary with the biggest feature we've added to EpicDuel in years: Battlepass! This feature will allow all players to earn new weapons, items, styles, cores, and currency just by completing specific daily and weekly challenges! 

To start, simply make progress towards any of the challenges available. You will being to earn XP automatically as you complete the various tasks. If you're stuck by a challenge or two, you can wait for them to reset or purchase a level worth of XP to advance and claim more prizes. Also, an Enhanced Battlepass is available to unlock even more prizes if you desire.

This season is designed to last until December, enough time for those who complete challenges every day to have a chance to claim up to level 50. Spider designed this system cleverly enough that we have tremendous flexibility to add content and expand challenges as the feature evolves. We hope you enjoy what is the first iteration of a powerful and exciting new feature!

Special thanks to Spider, Acatriel, and our Testers who helped see this feature from inception to final delivery!


O.M.G. Mode

As a surprise bonus addition to this release, we've introduced a new battle mode: O.M.G.

According to our programmer Spider, this acronym stands for Offensive Magnitude of Gorgonzola (because you're cheesing your opponent). Don't let the punny name fool you -- this mode is brutal! This mode makes the following adjustments to regular battle:

  • HP multiplier of x1337
  • DMG multiplier of x750
  • Maximum cooldown of 1 for every ability
  • Unlimited energy
  • Flat +25% stun resist
  • Legendary Points disabled

To maintain its novelty, this mode will only be available for a limited time so experiment while you can!


20th AE Anniversary

The main meat of this release was the Battlepass, but in recognition of 20 year, we thought the least we could do was offer a rare achievement to claim from the Achievement shop to mark this momentous occasion! If you're a baseball fan, you might also note the Big Show 2022 achievement in the seasonal portion as well.

In addition to all the other anniversary festivities, AQ3D is offering FREE Artix Points if you log in and find the secret code! Sounds like a deal! Read more on how you can redeem the code:


Mysterious Man Returns

In celebration of AE's 20th anniversary, we're bringing back a boss from EpicDuel's recent past: The Mysterious Man! Visit his domain in the Afterlife to vanquish this foe again to receive a new tiered achievement. In recognition of those who already experienced and conquered this adversary, the original achievement will remain rare.


Techstalker Tech

In recognition of AE's 20th anniversary, we're delaying removing the Techstalker Promo until November 7th! This should allow everyone who's either been hibernating or saving up enough time to grab these items before they're gone!

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