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Beleen’s 2nd Live Event Recap!

Beleen | Friday, September 8, 2023

Epic end-of-summer beach bash turns the tides with a palpitating pirate plunder! 

What was supposed to be a perfect day of sun, surf, and endless fun at the beach took an unexpected twist as pirates stormed the shores and pillaged my party! Even if you missed the Live Event – or were like me and had their Steam screenshot key stop working the moment the event started 😵‍💫 – here's a recap of the unforgettable event with amazing player-submitted memories!

*Special shoutout to Lunaceria for snapping the header image above!*

The Scene was Set

The sun was shining on Pointe Less Isle, the ocean waves were glistening, and the sandy shores were ready for an epic end-of-summer beach party. Friends, family, and even a potato gathered for a day filled with laughter, seaside shenanigans, and beachside bonfires – which caused me to die 2 times before my event even started… 🙈

Photo from Sugar Fairy

Pun Under the Sun

The beach party started off with a bang – and obligatory puns! “Crabby” Sand Pebblars and Stone Crabs swarmed the beach, but our heroes were quick to quell the crustacean infestation. But that caused a crustacean frustration, and thus Pebblar Broodmothers sought revenge! But our players are much too strong for some silly crabs – even those with rock-hard shells – so in no time flat, we were all having a crustacean celebration! Cue the fireworks – with minimal lag 🤩

Photo taken by Abel Minded

The Fin had just Begin…

I thought things were going “swimmingly,” but some fish thought differently! Deeplings swam ashore, but we made a “fin”tastic meal out of them faster than a fast-food sushi restaurant (which I am SO glad is not an actual thing). Players wanted a battle that was “off the hook” and so a Deepwater Flyshimi brought an o“fish”ially awesome battle to Pointe Less Isle.

Photo recreated by me lol 

Delicious Delights

All that battling really worked up an appetite, and I couldn’t think of anything tastier than nomming on a mouthwatering Klawgy Patty! Island Clawglings and Krusty Klawgs sizzled on the seashore, but when it came time to pay the bill… we decided to do a Dine and Slash 🤫 Cue the Krusty Klawg manager: Avenging Clawgmurai! We succeeded in NEVER being allowed back at a Krusty Klawg restaurant ever again, so to celebrate, we blew up a bunch of stuff! Happy to report that the servers did not explode though :)

Screenie from Almayudha

Cue the pARRRRty Crashers

Just when everyone thought things couldn't get any better, the tides turned – literally. A group of pirates stormed the beach, demanding we hand over our Live Event treasures. Yo ho ho NO! Heroes fought valiantly and made those pesky pirates walk the plank! That was until the Pirate Captain came ashore, demanding that I surrender my… booty 😳

Oh. OHHH. Right. “Booty” is pirate lingo for “treasure.” Def not sus whatsoever… 👀

Another awesome screengrab by Lunaceria

The Pirate Captain smuggled ashore piRATs (really icky Bilge Rats) followed by more swarms of his Salty Swabs and Scurvy Dogs crewmembers. Once we finally sent the whole slew to sleep with the fishes, the Pirate Captain summoned the Ultra Mega Don monster! And this… this shark… was soooooo overpowered that hardly a hero could land a single hit before the Ultra Mega Don obliterated the battlefield.

Over and over and over again. Thanks again Almayudha for surviving long enough to grab these hilarious (and 100% accurate) screenies.

Sooo yeah… I honestly had to issue 3 different kill commands in order to FINALLY defeat the OP Mega Don. I think I had personally died 20 times at that point 🪦


Release the Braken!

The Pirate Captain had one more trick up his pegleg. Fueled by fury (and secret dev codes), the Capitan summoned a MASSIVE Angry Braken that was big enough to swallow the entirety of Pointe Less Isle! I was much too busy dying to know exactly HOW our players managed to defeat it, but once victory was finally achieved… the Braken dropped not one, but TWO Legendary Ogre Chests!

Pic from player roGGard

Heroic Hurrah

Our brave heroes sent those barbaric pirates a-packing… but not before imparting their pirate parley upon me! Talk Like a Pirate Day be next week me hearties, so me be ready to set sail on the sea o’ adventure, plunderin' fine times ‘nd untold treasure too, yaaarr! Before signing off, me summoned the Guardian Dragon fer me crew’s final photo op. Say scurvy, me scallywags! 

Photo taken by Touch Me And Its Over

Memories for a Lifetime

Despite the unexpected (and totally not scripted 🤭) pirate invasion, the Live Event beach party turned out to be an epic success. The laughter, the camaraderie, the excitement, allll the dying, and the triumph over the pirates and their ragtag team of OP monsters made for a wonderful day that nobody will ever forget.

Plus… the screenshots help a lot too :p Check ‘em all out on the AQ3D FB Album here!

So, from maximum laughter to minimal lag, and from /dansen dancing to daring duels, the Live Event Beach Party proved that even pirates can't dampen the spirit of an awesome end-of-summer sendoff alongside our amazing players like YOU 😍

Until the next Live Event… Battle on!
Beleen who absolutely died 24 times and the AQ3D team

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