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Beleen’s Birthday Wish

Beleen | Thursday, December 14, 2023

Player-requested pink items are available in Beleen’s special shop! But what the birthday girl really wants for her birthday is…

Greetings heroes! Guess what day it is today? It's my BIRTHDAY! Yippie! 🎉🎂✨ And you know what that means: it's time for an extra special and extra pink Design Notes post with sooo many exclamation marks! Hooray!!! 

So every year around this time, everyone's all like, "Beleen, what do you want for your birthday?" And it's so super sweet that they wanna make me happy, right? But here's the thing: the answer has been the same every single time…

All I want for my birthday is for everyone else to be happy, because that’s what makes me happy! 🤩

Aaaand to have amazing pink items in a special birthday shop that were all suggested by our fellow heroes, of course 💖🥰

But seriously! There's nothing that warms my heart more than seeing the smiles on your faces and knowing that I helped make your day a little brighter, pinker, and happier! Just imagine a world where everyone is laughing, dancing, and spreading joy! That's my dream (and hopefully your dream too!!) and I get all giddy just thinking about it! 🎉💕

And you know what else? Birthdays are the perfect time to reflect on all the amazing memories we've made together. From battling epic monsters to participating in creative contests, we've shared so many awesome adventures this past year. I hope it’s abundantly clear, but I cherish each and every one of you, and I'm grateful to have the most fantastic friends ever!

So, for my birthday wish this year, I'm sending out a massive wave of positive vibes to all of Lore! Let's make this the happiest – and pinkest! – day of the year! 🌟✨💝

Thank you, thank you, and thank YOU for being the incredible, wonderful, and downright awesome players that you are. You always make my heart swell with happiness and fuzzy wuzzy feelings, and I can’t wait to see you sporting the new pink gear that’s in my special birthday shop in Battleon!

May your adventures always be filled with fun, your battles be triumphant, and your heart forever overflow with the boundless happiness you share with the world. Remember: you’re not just leveling up your Hero in the game – you’re also leveling up your IRL Hero in the grand quest of life!

So here's to another year of laughter, friendship, and, of course, pink-tastic adventures as we conquer every challenge that comes our way!

Battle on with lots of love and magic too,
Beleen the birthday girl 💖🎂🌈

PS: Don’t forget about the Creative Cookie Contest happening now! Ends this Sunday, December 17! Enter for your chance to win an exclusive Cookie Sword, a bunch of Dragon Crystals, and the most delicious bragging rights! It’s a literal “have your cake and eat it too” contest :p

PPS: Should we do another Screenshot Saturday contest for Frostval festivities? LMK on Twitter!

PPPS: There were 26 exclamation points in this post! And now 27… tehehee :D

PSPSPS: Tell your cat I said this 😻

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