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Pirate Party on Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Beleen | Thursday, September 21, 2023

Ahoy there, scallywags ‘nd buccaneers! This be Beleen, and me hosted another Live Event on Talk Like a Pirate Day. In case ye missed it, here be the event recap, matey! 

Avast ye! On Talk Like a Pirate Day, Cap’n Beleen ‘nd her seaworthy swashbucklers set sail on a wild adventure to Pirate Party Island. 'Twas a day filled with more pirate plunderin’, puns, ‘nd dad jokes than ye can shake a cutlass at!

Legend claims that Pirate Party be home to many treasures untold… but uh, me didn’t read the fine print, so there might’ve been somethin’ ‘bout a pirate’s curse, too. Cue foreshadowing – and cue adorable critters washin’ ashore! Dozens of Trobbles stormed the beach alongside Party Sneevils, and with a thunderous BOOM, everything went explody! 

Screengrab from Gold Raven

Prepare for Trobble… and make it dobble. Turns out, those wee Trobbles were the protectors of the island, so after we blew them up to smithereens, the curse becometh unleashed…

The Curse of Pirate Party Island

The curse brought ‘bout waves o’ skeletons ‘nd ghostly apparitions. Me strongest heroes fought like true swashbucklers ‘nd sent 'em all to Davy Jones' locker. Cap'n Beleen's puns ‘nd typos flowed freely as me crew battled the undead durin’ the Live (UnLive?) event.

Great shot by Almayudha

Amidst the chaos ‘nd minimal lag, buried Live Event Treasure Chests appeared after each felled boss: the Undead Terror, an Undead Dragon, ‘nd finally the Ghost o’ a Pirate Captain himself. Each chest contained Live Event Doubloons – special coin that the crew can spend at Yulgarrrrr's Inn to unlock special booty!

We thoughts we'd finally broken the curse, but alas—the dastardly pirate captain Peckard would challenge us all. He drove his mighty ship ashore before he himself appeared to take matters into his own (hook) hand. 

Another perfectly timed moment, Almayudha!

The battle raged on, and me died just a dozen o’ times, but finally, we defeated him and celebrated with more hearty laughter and a Legendary Ogre Chest!

The Curse Continues

Just when we thought we'd truly won, Peckard had one more trick up his spectral sleeve: he says the curse be on the Captain, not the Island, ‘nd so, the curse be passed to none other than me, Cap'n Beleen! A cutthroat crew of 25 Beleens turned into a nearly unstoppable force, with heroes not knowing which be the real Beleen ‘nd which ones be imposters. Aye… the real Beleen kept dyin’ :p

Goldelux knew who the real Beleen was 

Once the bombardment of Beleens was blighted, the first-ever beautifully pink Beleen Chest appeared! It be a surprise to everyone—meself included!—since the Beleen Chest contained a random assortment of pink goodies and a Live Event Coin.

Amazing pic by KibaTheBarbaria!

But then… mega madness ensued. A Level 100+ Titan Beleen appeared (and, as me found out later, some maps had 3 Titan Beleens causing chaos, oh my grog!). In the end, even a cursed Mama Beleen couldn't dampen the spirit o’ Pirate Party Island, ‘nd so, once that titan fell, the final Beleen Chest appeared!

Applelight captured the moment insanity perfectly

The End…?

Did the curse of Pirate Party Island parish with behemoth Beleen? …Or did me forgets to write that part into me story? Har har har, only time will tell, me lovelies!

Hundreds o’ heroes gathered ‘round a Guardian Dragon (that I accidentally kept killing—sorry ‘bout that, mate!) for the final photo op. A level 70 Braken also decided to join in on the fun, nearly killing everyone on the island. RIP, y’all.

Screengrab from touch me and its over

After its defeat, me summoned another Titan Beleen for the final photo shoot… but I couldn't stop her from attacking everybody >...<  

Jayriel survived to tell the tale

After multiple failed attempts, we finally calmed down the giant Beleen. Now everyone could snap a remarkable memento of yet another wonderfully wild Live Event alongside all our amazing players!

Amazing Design Notes header image taken by SylveonXY123

Beautiful scene by Miawku

Spectacular shot by Lovigis

Friends forever with Loki Monster

LOS loves fireworks as much as me!

There be so many more merry moments too! Check out all the screenies snapped by yer crew o’ comrades here.

Undoubtedly, this be the best Talk Like a Pirate Day o’ me life! And me has every one of ye to thank fer this! Ye all be the true VIPs of AQ3D. And me can’t’s wait to play with all ye again real soon! 

🎶 Yo-ho, yo-ho, a Pirate’s Life Beleen 🏴‍☠️

Parrrrty on and battle on!
Beleen, the AQ3D crew, and heroes like YOU! 

PS: Did ye plunder some screenshots durin’ the Event? Send ‘em my way on Twitter so me can adds ‘em to the AQ3D FB album!

PPS: Best not forget about the TLaPD Screenshot Contest! That be endin’ tonight (Thursday) at 11:59pm EDT.

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