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Alina | Thursday, September 24, 2020

Help Beleen Clean up before the Hero's Heart Day / Carnivale Combo Event

It’s not often that Hero’s Heart Day and Carnivale line up like this. This town, Fezzini, is known for their wild maquerade parties (and their canals, so romatic!) and this should be one of the BEST! But there seems to be a monster problem. We should take care of this before more people arrive; they could get hurt... I hope you don’t mind getting your feet wet.

This weekend, /join canalshore and help Beleen drive out the sea monsters before the Hero's Heart Day / Carnival Combo event begins later this month!

  • Battle water monsters and The Astice
  • Unlock the pieces of the Leviathan Warrior armor set

Plus, battle the Aciel Birthday Drop Frozen Pyromancer in the Underworld for a chance to get AQW guest artist Aciel's Hollowborn Calamity Staff! (A birthday gift made especially for you!)

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