Book 2: Reimagined - Flames in the Dark

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Book 2: Reimagined - Flames in the Dark

Dove | Friday, September 29, 2023

Hey there, heroes!

This month, we're beginning the Book 2 Reimagined project, starting with a proper introduction!

We've taken the original Rift War introduction and extended it into a proper quest that shows the arrival of Atrea and the Atealans. There have also been some minor adjustments to the Book 2 page in the Book of Lore, and more changes below!

We have more plans for Book 2 to properly introduce certain characters, and to better fill out the story, as well as a future pass through for quality and script revisions.

Also this week, the end cutscene of the quest "Timelines" has been adjusted, and Tournament of Champions (Part 2) has had some cutscene changes.

Check out Book 2's new introduction: Flames in the Dark in the Book 2 tab in the Book of Lore!

Also this week, The Wildheart Mantle cosmetic cape has been added to the Dragon Coin cosmetics shop!

You can pick it up for 300 DCs!

There are also some big changes and adjustments this week!

  • Guests with 0 HP are no longer uninvited at the end of a battle, but will not appear or be able to act in subsequent battles without being healed first.
  • Bonus XP/gold from CHA now has a maximum of 0%, down from 20%. (In other words, you cannot gain extra experience by bringing guests when you have high CHA)
  • Removed Sanctuary's Return from the Book 3 Timeline, as it is dependent on Espina Rosa.
  • Removed the True Mortal saga from Book 2, as it occurs between Ice Orb and Book 2's beginning.
  • Fixed an issue with Greed in the Inn at the Edge of Time where his bonus was NaN on turn 1.
  • Fixed an issue with female Paladin where the Artix customization was using the wrong art.
  • Fixed an issue with MP training where the MP alchemy level was not properly capped at the player's current level.
  • Fixed a numbering issue with the Astravian Wingknife, Astravian Wings VI are no longer sellable.
  • Added new upgrades for the Forgotten and Long Forgotten Spear! You can upgrade them by speaking to the Guardian Smith outside the west gate in Book 1 Falconreach.
  • Anything else I may have forgotten!

Finally, an update regarding the next two releases:

I will have to be traveling and away for the next two weeks for family things. As a result, next month's release schedule will be changing a bit. The planned AARGH update will be pushed back until either the next Reimagined or Arena release, and instead, the Mogloween/Friday the 13th war will be taking the first two weeks of the month.

Depending on my status (and Dove's!) when I return, we may swap Reimagined and Main Story, or skip the month's Main Story release.

We apologize for the mixed up month, and thank you for understanding!

And that's all for this week.

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