Book 2: Reimagined - Heroes From Beyond

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Book 2: Reimagined - Heroes From Beyond

Dove | Friday, November 24, 2023

Hey there, heroes!

This week, Book 2's reimagined project continues with a new introduction to the Ateala heroes, and the way healing and Health is displayed has been reworked!

With the forests of Greenguard aflame, and a city appearing above the Sandsea from a rift, you make the journey to investigate the chaos. But along the way, you come cross a group of powerful Ateala— not running away, but fighting back!

The new introduction to the Rift War is now available from the Book of Lore!

As part of this release, Rift War Waves and Refugee Rescue will now have a 40% chance to drop Defender Medals.

The General's Minions and the Boss Fight will be reimagined at a future date.

Also this week, a new cosmetic customization catalyst backpiece is available!

The Bound Crypt Remnants backpiece is not only a cosmetic option but a customization catalyst that unlocks the new Bound customization option for Necromancer!

Not only that, but for Black Friday, House Utility Items are half price until next Friday! This includes the Storybook Collection, Armor Portal Statue, and the Greenscreen Mirror!

Also this week, there has been a massive overhaul of how healing is displayed in combat, along with other adjustments and changes!

  • Healing in battle:
    • Most sources of healing now display how much health was recovered above the character healed.
    • Healing displayed is marked with a + sign.
    • Healing pop ups will also follow the character healed.
    • Monsters taking a DoT to an element they are > 100 resistant to will now display as negative damage instead of Health.
    • All (that we could find/remember) Healing pop ups/notifications/in-combat dialogues have been removed to avoid overlapping the new Health pop ups.
  • Mana recovery in battle:
    • Most sources of mana recovery now display how much mana was recovered above the character.
    • Recovered mana is marked with a + sign.
    • Mana pop ups will also follow the character.
    • Redudant mana recovery pop ups etc have been removed.
  • Pop-up priority:
    • When Health is recovered multiple times in the same instance, the higher Health pop up will have priority.
    • When both Health and Mana are recovered in the same instance, the Health pop up will have priority.
  • Health and Mana now have new and updated icons.
  • Mana damage now uses blue text instead of red for its pop up.
  • Potion, Trinket, and Pet and Guests turn skips are now added to the Battle Log.
  • DoTs that do negative damage now ignore Health resist.
  • Added an FPS display in the bottom right corner, click to toggle.
    • Displayed or not is not saved between sessions.
    • FPS is approximated, not exact.
    • You can use this to help decide which graphics setting is best for your experience.
    • Flash normally runs at 24 FPS.
  • enTropy mana costs now cap at level 40 instead of no cap (to match when its damage scaling caps).
  • Fixed yet another map issue with the quest "The Biggest Thankstaking".
  • Fixed some incorrect dialogue name labels. in "Leaving the Nest".
  • The Bound Cyrypt Edge can now be clicked to flip its position.
  • Anything else I may have forgotten!

In order to remove all of the redundant and overlapping health/mana recovery pop ups, as well as establish consistent MP/HP pop up priority, we had to manually track them down and adjust them, so it is very likely that we may have missed one or few. If you find any that we missed, please let us know so we can fix them!

And that's all for this week!

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