Book 2: Reimagined - The General

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Book 2: Reimagined - The General's Arrival

Dove | Friday, December 29, 2023

Hey there, heroes!

This month's Reimagined release is here! The Rift War's mid-war quest has been updated with new cutscenes and Ateala guests!

You and your new Ateala allies have managed to save so many of the refugees being chased by the invading fire monsters!

But who could be leading the opposing army? It seems that the opposing general has finally arrived on Lore...

Head over to the Rift war to play this week's Reimagined quest: The General's Arrival!

Note that while this release is a bit lighter, since we wanted to take it a bit easy for the holidays and new year, we do have scripts and adjustments prepped for future Reimagineds! The Rift War boss fight is next on the list to do, and was not changed in this week's release.

Also this week, we've begun work on the Paladin rework!

While the changes are still in testing for balancing, and waiting for some animation adjustments, we have a preview for you of some of the mechanics and changes we're adding!

The prevailing design space we wanted for Paladin can be summarized as "Big heals, big bonks." To follow this theme, Paladin will be intended to be played as a Strength class. Notably, this means being unable to crit.

As you read the following, please keep in mind that this is still very much a work in progress, and very subject to change.

First, Paladin will keep the Inner Light healing passive that builds over time, but will also gain a couple ways to spend it.

  • There will still be a number of skills that are locked to Light. You can spend (currently) 1 Inner Light to unlock those skills' elements.
  • You'll also be able to spend 5 Inner Light to empower any attack with a Smite, adding +100% base damage to the attack's total damage! Smites will also apply -400 crit to applied skills.
  • These will also be able to be combined to Smite on a Light-locked skill for a cost of 6 Inner Light.
  • Some skills will also additionally increase your Inner Light!

Next, Paladin will get a set of core buffing skills that improve Radiance.

  • Radiance provides stacking buffs that increase your Bonus, Base Damage%, and Defenses, as well as -400 Crit.
  • Having stacks of Radiance also increases the effectiveness your other buffs and debuffs.
  • Higher stacks of Radiance offer more powerful buffs with shorter duration, however, so you'll have to plan your Radiance usage wisely!

Third, Paladin gains special Seal skills. Not the adorable fluffy kind, though.

  • Seal skills will apply debuffs to both your opponent and yourself. However, the Radiance scaling only affects your target.
  • These very powerful skills will need to be carefully managed!

Overall, Paladin will be trading a lot of shielding ability in exchange for massive -Boost potential, and more consistent healing skills. As well as more damage!

There's some other neat skills that haven't been previewed here, such as Solemn Vow, that changes effect based on your HP%, and more!

We hope you've enjoyed this small taste of the changes to come!

Also this week, a new cosmetic weapon is now available!

Brilliance is available from the Dragon Coin cosmetics shop for 300 DCs!

Finally a few bug fixes and adjustments.

  • Fixed an issue with Crypt of the Lost Order where fleeing would not properly reset your telepoint.
  • Fixed an issue with 100 Rooms of Fiery Doom where the telepoint was not properly initialized.
  • The Professor in the Arena will now properly remove Analyzed Preservation when focus is lost.
  • Fixed a few cases where damage/health pointers would not properly appear.

And that's all for this year!

Happy holidays and happy new year from all of us on the DragonFable team! Next year's going to be ever better! Wooo!

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