Book 3 Amityvale: De-Bugging!

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Book 3 Amityvale: De-Bugging!

Dove | Friday, September 22, 2023

Hey there, heroes!

This week, we return to the box-laden home of a certain cat... Yes, that's right, Verlyrus the boxcat is eagerly awaiting word of your last mission (and he's been waiting quite a while)!

Something sinister swarms under Amityvale!

Report back to Verlyrus in the box-filled house in Book 3 Amityvale with your latest findings... only to be sent on yet another mission! A long forgotten cavern underneath the town has become home to minions of the Moth... and it's up to everyone's favorite hero (that's you) to clear it out!

Also this week, we're re-running the 2016 Talk Like a Pirate Day event: Mazurek's Precious "Cargo"! Check it out in the Book of Lore!

Next up, a new cosmetic item is now available:

The Wildheart Fang helm can now be purchased from the Dragon Coin Cosmetics shop! The Wildheart Crest is also being moved to the Dragon Coin Cosmetic shop as well.

And now for a bunch of bug fixes and adjustments!

  • Fixed an issue with the Tomix and Drakonnan arena fights where their counter notifications were off by 1. (No mechanical change).
  • Arena Tomix's Full Synch effect no longer increases his All resist.
  • Arena Tomix's Full Synch effect now changes his element to Good.
  • Fixed an issue where arena Tomix's Annihilation DoT element was set to NaN (Now properly Evil/Good).
  • Arena Uaanta's Energy unleash now has -400 Crit.
  • Arena Uaanta's Maker's Gift effect's All resist reduced to +30, down from +50.
  • Arena Notha's Exalted Barrier effect All resust reduced to +100, down from +200
  • Arena Notha's Imbalance effects reduced to -200 resists, down from -300.
  • Astravian Wings, Helm, Weapons, and Weapon Token, are no longer sellable.
  • Astravian Wings, Helm and Weapons now have level signifiers added to their names.
  • Fixed an issue where Dragon Egg effects were activating 100% of the time with the DragonRider class.
  • Fixed an issue in the quest "Choose Your Own AdventureQuest" where the Fire Ray enemy could crash the game.
  • Fixed an issue where Valencia in Book 1 had some missing letters in quest names.
  • Fixed an issue where the base weapons of classes could be unequipped.
  • Tentatively fixed an issue where Rogue's Wild Daggers skill could cause the game to stick.
  • Fixed an issue where the level 15 and 30 version of Lim's Hydrocombustion Vane were doing Melee instead of Magic type damage.
  • Anything else I may have forgotten!

And that's all for this week.

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