Book 3: Convergence - Outpost Outskirts

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Book 3: Convergence - Outpost Outskirts

Dove | Friday, April 28, 2023

Hey there, heroes!

This week, Book 3's main story continues! After a volatile journey through the Void with your new companions, you've emerged in an unknown land, ready to take your first steps into the domain of the Fissure!

Outpost Yeden awaits!

Or it would if you weren't totally lost.

What will you find? What will you encounter? Will you be able to find Outpost Yeden?

Head over to Book 3 Swordhaven and speak to Queen Victoria to continue Convergence with this week's quest: Outpost Outskirts!

Also this week, some Ninja updates and other general fixes!


There have been a lot of adjustments to Ninja! While the rework was pretty successful, there are some concerns that its damage potential combined with its survivability is a bit too high. As the Honda's Accord trinket (and future upgrade) will interact and with the class and boost its damage further in a future update, some adjustments needed to be made to make sure it doesn't end up too high. Of course, if Ninja ends up struggling, there will be more adjustments until we hit that perfect spot!

  • Venoms no longer reset if the chain is interrupted.
  • Venoms now dynamically change when you change target.
  • Venom effects have been shifted.
    • Spider Venom now applies -Boost
    • Scorpion Venom now applies -Crit
    • Viper Venom now applies -Bonus
  • Drinking a potion or using a trinket no longer consumes your next double turn.
  • Skills with damage that scales with Ninja DoT effects now scale by 10% base damage per effect, down from 20% (or 30%, in the case of Shadow Seeker).
  • Catalytic Flow's cooldown increased to 17 turns, up from 15.
  • Blood of the Lotus cooldown decreased to 17 turns, down from 20.
  • Shadow Strike's Ninja DoT effect scaling is still 20% base damage per effect.
  • Blur's damage now scales with Ninja DoT effects.
  • Shuriken Spray cooldown increased to 1 from 0.
  • Shuriken Spray MP cost reduced to 25 from 40.
  • Rapid Frenzy base damage reduced to 200% base damage, down from 240% base damage.
  • Burst Venom DoT effects reduced to 25% base damage, down from 50% base damage.
  • Shadow Seal/Shadow Drain duration increased to 5 turns, up from 4 turns.
  • Shadow Seal/Seal Venom cooldown reduced to 9 turns from 12 turns.
  • Shadow Seal/Seal Venom damage increased to 140% base damage, up from 120%.
  • Shadow Seeker cooldown increased to 32 turns, up from 30.
  • Fixed a bug where male Ninja's back arm would interact incorrectly with certain Trinket skills.

Again, with the next update, the Honda's Accord trinket and DoT effect will interact with Ninja. Honda's Accord will also be upgradable in the future as well! And, if Ninja is underperforming, we will be adjusting as necessary.

Also, CC Ninja will be folded in at a later date as well.

Other fixes and updates:

  • Ranger: Drinking a potion or using a trinket no longer consumes your next double turn.
  • Epoch: Drinking a potion or using a trinket no longer consumes your next double turn.
  • Underworld Epoch: Fixed an issue where Ultra Boost and Ultra Hex would not be usable at 4 momentum.
  • Greenscreen Room
    • Now has support for up to 4 enemies
    • Dummies can now attack for 0 Melee damage. This is on by default, and can be toggled off.
    • Other Dummy updates are in the works for another time.
  • General updates and fixes
    • The Log now has proper grammar when announcing battles with multiple enemies.
    • Constant damage can no longer be Defended or Avoided.
    • Fixed a bug where changing name, gender, or base class from Book 1 B.M. Moglin in Falconreach would lead to a black screen.

And that's all for this week!

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